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A better Manipur

Posted by Rojit on October 29, 2015

I believe that there’s a better Manipurman

In heavens, her essence shall reach,

The mountains bloom with the valley,

Her soils dance with the monsoon,

And her wealth enamoured with peace!

I believe that there’s a better Manipur

Where children’s smiles resurface again,

Sound of guns locked in some dungeon,

Evils barely touching Her breath,

And birds’ croons wake us up…once again!

Let’s all believe in a better Manipur

Where the leaders are human once again,

Followers find reasons to have faith,

Fraternity with the system’s guardians,

And a place worth dying for, yet again!


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Mary Kom from Assam? Thank You Sirjee!

Posted by Rojit on August 8, 2012

Being a Manipuri and despite not much of a news follower, yet yesterday was a day to remember for reasons weird world has to salute it! The simple yet funny thing goes something like this – The great Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan tweeted ‘out of joy’ that Mary Kom (a manipuri woman boxer) has assured a medal in London Olympics and she, a mother of two, is from ASSAM!!

Now this tweet was made at 2:01 am, 7th August which of course was unknown to many. Thanks to media and twitter world, the news came spreading and everyone including ‘mainland’ Indians as well as Manipuris were shocked. Hundreds of messages, facebook updates, tweets, blogs started pouring in commenting or rather mocking at this poor General knowledge shown by sucha great personality of India.

There are plenty of things to ponder over. First and foremost is the simple fact that I can feel the anger and disappointment shown by my fellow manipuris. This little tweet was just another to the list of reasons Manipuris feel totally alienated from India. If a well educated personaily, not to forget the KBC anchoring part, doesn’t know where Mary Kom is, and yet holding the Olympic torch in front of everyone representing this great nation then, something’s seriously wrong with Amitabh Sir and ever worse for the ranks and files who have no idea about the NorthEast.

Manipuris are proud people and this mistake can’t be easily tolerated and that too after a series of many incidents that somehow always have their punchline – India don’t care about Manipur!

I just have these following questions in my mind after yesterday’s incident.

1) Does it really matter to a great Indian like Senior Bachchan who is supporting India in this Olympics to actually know where Mary Kom is?

*Did you, yourself,(as an Indian) know where Vijender, Sushil Kumar, Abhinav Bindra, Saina Nehwal, Deepika are from? If you didn’t know that, does it really matter at all being a sports-lover? Coz I don’t. They are all Indians who love playing their games and on the path, make this country proud.

2) If you were that pissed off at Mr. bachchan’s tweet, did you actually ask yourself the full name of Mary Kom? Did you really know it by heart the full name? Coz seriously, I didn’t know. Now also, I don’t have a clue. I believe Mary Kom is a brand that will sell by itself and shall always make this small state of ours and this country proud.

3) Finally would Mary Kom herself be so angry with Mr. Bachchan for falsely mentioning her state’s name as Assam? She is such a humble human being. I believe she’ll be infact elated to hear a great personality mention her name.

This post of mine will have lots of points, various people across different states would laugh at my shallow thinking. But I’m happy with the series of things that happened yesterday. If Mr. Amitabh had mentioned Mary Kom’s state’s name correctly, many people who have now known where she is, might have not known. It’s very important to also know that Bachhan himself corrected his tweet within 5 minutes saying how sorry he was. That again shows his world of simplicity. Plus, his blog in tumblr contains a full length paragraph showing appreciation and happiness with how Mary Kom has achieved her feats. It’s heart whelming to learn people, like himself does care about a Manipuri like Mary Kom.

Btw, he again tweeted Vijender’s name wrongly which he rectified again. He’s really getting old, fellas 🙂

Where will we ever stop of this uncanny knack of mocking at someone’s mistakes? When will we ever stop of mixing sports, films and politics!? When will we ever stop hating each other!

As Russel Peters in one of his acts said, ” Indians can never be terrorists! Coz terrorists hate Americans and we Indian hate ourselves!”

Wishing the best of luck to MC Mary Kom for her match. Go for GOLD!!!

And congrats for winning a medal for India. And thank you Amitabh Sir as well.

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I too am an Indian..!!

Posted by Rojit on April 12, 2012


I come from an unknown land surrounded by nine hills once called as Switzerland of India.

“They say I eat snakes. They say I eat lizards.”

Wish it really were true to make you sound educated, but I myself fall among one of those Hindu families where in my home I’m not allowed to even touch kitchen utensils without taking a bath, forget thinking of eating those.

“They say I look like Chinese. They say I look like Nepali.”

And who won’t say that ‘coz I really look like them and looks can’t be deceptive at all. But what pains me most is the condescending manner with which they tell me I look like the Non-Indian people.

They say we are not that smart to make it to IITs and IIMs

And I couldn’t agree with you more, but know this – the year when I was in class X, more than 80 days of holidays were just due to bandhs and strikes. And sadly, it usually occurs every year! To add to the misery,the definition of load shedding has lost its meaning when electricity comes to homes for less than 6 hours a day.

“They say so many things about our dressing styles.”

And if you still think our dressing styles rather seem odd to you then forgive us for buying clothes from International Brands.

“They call me Chinky. They call me Nepali. They also call me Momos.”

I remember myself in my childhood days and my local elders would advise us to call the non-manipuris, mostly Biharis or UPs or MPs as ‘Bhaiya’ not knowing it actually meant ‘Brother’. And here I’m after so many years of culture and education being injected into these bloods and I’m called ‘chinky’ and sometimes Nepali and also Momos. What should I do? Laugh at your inhospitality or curse my own fate of having born in my state?

They say we usually drink a lot, party a lot and fight like anything.

Yes we are proud people who won’t tolerate any bad things said. Yes we drink a lot not because ours is a ‘dry state’ but simply because 42.8 doesn’t seem just enough. And yet following the steps of Gandhiji’s non violence in this greatest democratic country in the world, we have Irom Sharmila fasting for more than 11 years. 

They ask me where I’m from..Japan? China? Korea? And if I answer Manipur then they will be awestruck asking where again!

I know Gandhinagar is capital of Gujarat, Thiruvananthapuram that of Kerala, Ranchi of Jharkhand. But, tell me honestly dear Bhaiyas, are you still having troubles in identifying the states of places like Itanagar, Kohima or Imphal? I don’t expect you to remember all these, but at least, be courteous enough to identify US as an Indian. Is that too much to ask for?! 

I may not have said anything before, like I just did. But what to do, I’m and probably will be treated like a foreigner in my own country! And I say I’m from an unknown place because even if I tell you everything, this place will still be unknown to you ‘coz forgive me for your ignorance, but you simply don’t give a shit about us !

But whatever things may be right now, I too am an Indian. Question is: How many still think we are?! 

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