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A better Manipur

Posted by Rojit on October 29, 2015

I believe that there’s a better Manipurman

In heavens, her essence shall reach,

The mountains bloom with the valley,

Her soils dance with the monsoon,

And her wealth enamoured with peace!

I believe that there’s a better Manipur

Where children’s smiles resurface again,

Sound of guns locked in some dungeon,

Evils barely touching Her breath,

And birds’ croons wake us up…once again!

Let’s all believe in a better Manipur

Where the leaders are human once again,

Followers find reasons to have faith,

Fraternity with the system’s guardians,

And a place worth dying for, yet again!


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The one thing in Life

Posted by Rojit on July 5, 2014

The serenity of my windows glass,
Through which my childhood has been captured
I broke down, I laughed, I got sick
But a life that it treasured..priceless.
And today I’m asking – am I ready?

The soothing sound of my granny’s croons
Of a song I don’t know, and may never
But the happiness in her face,
I never shall find with this salary,
The salary this long education gifted me.

Many years hence, I saw my childhood buddy,
With a tummy fit to be called pregnant,
And with eyes tired of toiling everyday.
I missed a part of life with friends like him.
Never to be replaced by some imaginary happiness.

When I get back home, the winds may not have changed.
I know the sunrise will still be beautiful
And so shall be the early morning dew drops.
But time’s not always there for this very short span of life.
It’s always the one question that finally bites –
What’s the One thing in life you’ll always be happy about!

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Being Yours

Posted by Rojit on March 29, 2013

The waves come dashing the shores,

The distant sound seems close,

Under a moon so bright,

It takes me nowhere but a place,

I fondly cherish every time,

A place to my childhood

And this time, there isn’t any pain.

And this time, the tears lose their way.

‘Coz now, the wind smells of you,

‘Coz now, everything is right with you.

Blessed be those who have goodness in heart,

And blessed I’m, for having met you in my life!




The waves come kissing the shores again,

This time, the sound seems to fade away,

And I forget there is a bright moon up,

Time stops for none, so shall these moments

With her by my side, I think none.

With her in my life, I’ll never have to think.

And this time, I feel death funny

And this time, infinity seems closer.

‘Coz now, I hear your voice,

‘Coz now, I could feel your hands.

Meaningful be a life with peace and success.

And meaningful my life is, with your smiles all around!




The waves now come drenching both of us,

This time, I know the loneliness of any sound,

And any light looks to disappear for eternity.

The vastness of mysterious future, no one fathoms

But her presence in this short story of mine,

Forcing happiness to welcome each moment

And this time, wishes recede from this life

And this time, this life feels completed!

‘Coz now, I’m kissing the most beautiful girl,

‘Coz now and always will be, I love you!!

Greatness be called when one’s deeds are respected,

And greatness my life feels, for having loved only YOU!


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