Gambling with Life

Screw others, always be ready to place the bet !

Abut me

HI folks, this is Rojit..!

An engineering plus MBA graduate, love writing small small stuffs be it personal or random. M not sure if i will be able to write good blogs. Your comments are highly essential for me.

I love playing all sorts of games be it indoors or outdoors. I love dreaming a lot and kinda find reality in dreams sometimes… that’s strange..!!

A firm believer in the famous saying, “You only live once, and if possible enjoy your own heart out before love comes your way. Stay single, to be always ready to mingle” (Just made up that saying by myself :D)

Anyway, hoping to have a great blog with good posts regularly. Cheers netizens \m/


3 Responses to “Abut me”

  1. sowmiya said

    sry Rojit i cudn’t b without sharing these in fb or twitter …..forgiv me if am wrong….

  2. Jen said

    your new follower 🙂

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