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A special Children’s Day

Posted by Rojit on December 13, 2015

In the field of psychology, one must have certainly come across the PAC ego state. Yes the Parent-Adult-Child! No matter what one’s age is, there’s always a child side..sometimes overpowing the other two states at not-so-good-times. On the eve of this year’s Children’s Day, let me try connecting a string of past with this present so that this coming future will always have good memories to wander off.
On a fine day 20 years ago, I pictured a boy who was busy eating his afternoon snacks hastily. His mother shouted at him. His aunty also joined forces scolding him not to eat food very fast. ”U idiot, if you eat your food at that speed, it will cause indigestion.
He didn’t listen to either of them. And the persistent name of the boy was reverberated through the entire house as his friends were shouting his name again and again.
Thembung…Thembung…numit taakhidoure…sat sat laak o” (Come fast, dawn is near)
As he finished eating, he ran fast to his friends with three wicket sticks in his hand. ”Come home before it gets dark!!” – his mom shouted. ‘Yeah sure mom‘ – he answered as usual knowing he won’t!
His friends on the other hand said, ”You eat so much and yet never get fat. What’s the secret?’‘ And confused as always whether it’s a compliment or a sarcasm, he replied saying he would be fat someday…someday!
And this boy today looks at himself checking his tiny muscles and tells to himself, ”I’m never going to be fat !
Life’s been a roller coaster ride and thinking about the good times and those few bad times, I believe the divine gift of being alive says a lot more however twisted the route is. I don’t believe that we are the creations of God. At certain point in our lives, we just stop being the creations. That’s when childhood days get over. Imagine all the world’s worst badasses..all of them during their childhood days must be damn cute..or too good to become the ones the world now knows.
Perhaps, it’s days like today we celebrate the most important part of our life…the life of being a child.
Hope everyone still relishes the ‘child’ in them and spreads more smiles ‘coz the world seriously needs more and more smiles..more like the smiles of children!

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