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The one thing in Life

Posted by Rojit on July 5, 2014

The serenity of my windows glass,
Through which my childhood has been captured
I broke down, I laughed, I got sick
But a life that it treasured..priceless.
And today I’m asking – am I ready?

The soothing sound of my granny’s croons
Of a song I don’t know, and may never
But the happiness in her face,
I never shall find with this salary,
The salary this long education gifted me.

Many years hence, I saw my childhood buddy,
With a tummy fit to be called pregnant,
And with eyes tired of toiling everyday.
I missed a part of life with friends like him.
Never to be replaced by some imaginary happiness.

When I get back home, the winds may not have changed.
I know the sunrise will still be beautiful
And so shall be the early morning dew drops.
But time’s not always there for this very short span of life.
It’s always the one question that finally bites –
What’s the One thing in life you’ll always be happy about!


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Stop FB Notifications from Candy Crush Saga!

Posted by Rojit on July 2, 2014

Candy Crush Saga – a boon or bane?

Like an arranged marriage, Candy Crush Saga came into my life as someone (I’m personifying it) whom a good friend of mine (Ta Raazo) introduced to me. Like a very shy and introvert guy, playing Candy Crush was something I was very hesitant of. There were already scores of people complaining about it, like those who were unhappy with their marriages.  And there were those great and honored fellas who have crossed milestones after milestones, like that awesome fb friend of mine who updated ‘her’ status of crossing more than 1000+ levels. I was like ‘WHATT!!?’ I became more interested with this game and to add this, all those ‘cool’ friends with smart phones , were swiping their fingers to the left and right on their mobile screen making sounds of ‘Sweettt’! Their constant worries of getting ‘lives’and ‘tickets’were unknowingly  trying to wake up the silent curious child in me to know, explore and play.

But there were people who were so much against this game, against receiving notifications from Candy Crush, that I had to pause for a moment or two and ponder over once more before setting off my journey. Those fb statuses/tweets renouncing Candy Crush did hurt my feelings to the bones. *Hyperbole? * It affected so much that I decided not to play with my fb profile. Instead, my alter ego came to the rescue…yes yes… a fake profile (created for the sake of Texas Hold’em Poker)!

Thus, began my journey into this wonderland…a saga indeed, I must say!

But frequent posts from friends complaining about any Candy Crush notifications were still plenty and it took to me thinking why they would get so much irritated. Just couldn’t understand WHY! (Recent most being my own gf!!!) After all, who are sending those requests – unknown people or their so-called-friends?  And if someone is playing Candy Crush, these requests for most of the times,  just got sent out without much knowledge.

And suppose, I do receive such notifications, I don’t think it’s a MUST thing to play it or give lives or etc etc. There’s always an option of just neglecting them – how hard could that be…doing it for your friends?

Let’s say you have low perseverance and you just can’t stand these notifications. Let’s say you just hate these notifications, still knowing your own friends have sent to you. Let’s say you’re a very busy person and you don’t want to be disturbed by any Candy Crush request!

Then my only concern right now – WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING TILL NOW? Why don’t you just block the Candy Crush App? That way, you are not hurting the feelings of many of your friends playing this game on fb. That way, you are NOT wasting your time updating in fb how much you hate this game!! Having said that, I’m not denying the fact that the Candy Crush requests could be disturbing at times. I remember similar problems when Mafia Wars and Farmville were such huge hits.

But with sucha user friendly Facebook and everyone’s best friend Google by your side, I don’t think it’s rocket science to stop these Candy Crush requests. Hope the following steps could help many of those troubled souls. (Any one of these will help, I guess)

1. Home page: Check for your notifications list. There are always 2 buttons – one will be ‘READ’ and the other (as shown below) will be the symbol of ‘x’ which reads ‘Turn off’. Just click on that. (PS: I’m using this screenshot for this friend of mine whom I proudly could say, is my enemy!)


2.  Home page: Check for your notifications list. There is a ‘Settings’ button. Click on that. In the next page, you can see an option of ‘What You Get Notified About’. Click on the ‘Edit’ button on the right. You will find a list of all your apps connected to your fb profile. If there’s Candy Crush Saga, then just un-tick on the check-box and you will stop getting notifications from it


3. Home page: Go to the Account ‘Settings’ as shown below -> Click on the ‘Blocking’ menu present on the left side of the page -> Scroll down to the last option which shows ‘Block apps’. Type Candy Crush Saga and block it.


In the truest of my intentions, to those who are reading this piece (of garbage), this post isn’t meant to undermine you whatsoever. It’s just a reflection of another poor soul who has been struck by thunderbolt (as in Godfather) with the beauty of her candies!!

Hope, as a friend, or a friend of a friend or just as another fellow netizen, please teat this blog post as just another not-so-valuable tips trying to help whosoever deeply disturbed by an app, so divine, – Candy Crush Saga!!

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