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Is happiness everywhere?

Posted by Rojit on January 31, 2013

Well this is my first and last post of this month. Lets see how much I can write today. So, today this thought came unto me from nowhere and I was thinking to myself that may be happiness has a specific home..may be not. Man, from an era when he didn’t know how to even croon, has been achieving enumerable feats of making himself happy in some way or the other. He has all the time been making both ends meet to see his family or fellow beings live in the most comfortable way. Even in the new artificial world, where emotions seem to raise white flag against the needs, there are still people who put their lives just for the sake of happiness.  “Being happy”… they say is the latest motto..!!

                             Now sometimes in life, incidents that are never welcomed come in our way as gift from the Above. Deaths of near and dear ones, losses in business, health breakdown, failing in exams, cricket loss, role models coming out to be jerks, a scar in love..all are some examples that can be cited where one finds himself at a dungeon of wrapped with sadness. Then is the definition of life being a mixture fulfilled.?? And is the spontaniety of happiness sometimes concealed by such  events..?? Cant we find joy and ecstasies even at those times…??

    Let me narrate a small story..It goes like this…Once a guy in a certain village fell in love with a beautful gal (a dancer) who also loved him equally…!! They dated for around 2 years and at that time, the gal came to know she had a cancer and was gonna die in three weeks. She couldn’t tell the guy what her destiny had become then. So, she asked the guy to dance for her thinking that would be her greatest gift from him. The guy promised to dance for her. But fate had another way of treating a dying gal. The guy went away to another village. For her, life had become meaningless and for the guy who went actually to learn dance, the dreaded fate was very cool just like before a storm. After few days, when he came back, the death news of his love broke him down. Happiness that he thought of when he would be dancing infront of her, suddenly vamoosed and he was left with a dry fate knowing nothing of what his life had done to him. He lost his love.. his life was never the same..!! After two months, a thunder never so loud in the village’s history marked the start of the monsoon. And there the guy was  sitting near their community field. Then, from nowhere, rain came.. He was still unmoved. Then,the face of the guy that had been pale for the last two months, suddenly had a glow and he started dancing. He was smiling like before and was dancing with a spirit that showed his love. He was dancing… for two hours when the village leader asked him what actually happened. He answered with a little smile..” I promised to someone that I would dance in front of her while raining ..!! I think she is very happy now even though this thin boundary of death and life has separated us.. ! “

                           I think my story has gone somewhere and I cant bring out the exact moral of the story in relation with my today’s topic… May be it’s because it’s just a random thought..!! But the thing is that, no matter what the conditions in life are, there is always a way to find  happiness…Just like in this story, the guy found a new feeling of joy even though his love was never gonna be with him. No one is perfect… even the Almighty as they say. That’s why He made life hard even for good people. It’s one time life and it asks a lot of smiles and laughters rather contemplating over what fate has caused you this and that….!!! So, happiness is everywhere and everytime…It’s just that matter of what we perceive..!!

” O life, where art thou taking me to..? But wherever thou traverse, please make ‘love’ a guest once more before thou meet your best comrade–death..!!” 

PS: Extremely sorry not to post a new one. This one has been taken from my other blog which has been lying inactive for so many years. Still, I second this idea of myself once more and felt apt to post it today. Yes, I’,m getting too lazy! 😛


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