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Respect to thou, Women!

Posted by Rojit on December 31, 2012

women_symbol_200My slightly fast wrist watch shows 5 pm and I know it’s 7 hours or rather 5 hours being sane, away from the start of a new year…a year where umm…first thing first the year where the starting numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 can be found. And I start to ponder what 2012 had in store for me and what things could be learnt from this year. I haven’t entered anything for this entire month of December in my blog and may be because of that, I felt I should do it today itself on this bye-bye day. And where do I start thinking??

–Right now inside this bathroom, 9 storey high!

And finally when ‘my business’ has been finished, I decided the topic on which this blog post should be based on. Yup, that’s the topic you’re looking at. Cheesy? Oh, it’s ok to be, once in a while.

But frankly, in the wake of so many things happening in this year with respect to women, I thought this blog post to be perfectly apt! Ahm ahm 🙂 From Saina Nehwal to Mary Kom to Damini to Sheila Dixit to Sonia Gandhi, everywhere there is news about women.

My life this year has been involved in some of its most important moments with women like the other yesteryears.

To start with, a beautiful girl wished me first on New Year’s Eve. She called me up and we talked for…wait wait…She actually sent a SMS to me writing all the sweet sweet…no wait..umm..ya I was chatting with her on facebook when she wished me..nope I guess it was my mom who called me up, or my sist? Screw it, no one was that sober to remember who wished whom…right?! But, I had a great time with my friends that day and with the purest of my heart, I wished everyone and thanked them as well! Believe me, 2012 has been the greatest year so far!

The feeling that I was to die this year on Dec 21 and being alive is just, as Russel Peters says, ‘MINDBLASTING’! 2012 will always be remembered for being the year I ‘actually’ went into a relationship with this wonderful-funny-awesome-beautiful-cute woman’s daughter! Not the time to describe her daughter. 😀

I found my long lost friend of mine this year. She is still a rocking person, as usual!

And this year also gave me my twin-sister cum best friend of mine who is not just beautiful, not just brilliant, not just talkative, not just facebook addict, but also a perfect buddy for me! (I get paid for saying these good good things. khikhi )

The year, I gave my granny some cash from my ‘hard-earned-money’ (pun intended) and the year I bought my aunty a sweater is the same and 2012 will remain as a witness to it. Don’t ask me how much I gave to my granny or how much that sweater costs me! Those who know me well, must be laughing right now. Laugh laugh!

This year also marked an important moment when my first female best friend, my sister, the only one, got married in November. She will be deeply missed but then again, the very thought that she is in safe hands with my bro-in-law, helps me smile.

Sending, to be precise, 77.3% of my first ever salary in my life, will be cherished most as well in this year. Yup, it was a mistake to send that much owing which I’ll never be able to send that much again. But at the end of the day, what really matters to me is that sense of achievement when my mom, out of disbelief, called me up to check I actually sent that much amount. Irony or not, it felt nice! 😛

I guess that’s it from my side jotting a few of the important moments this year 2012 had or me. Of course, it’s not wise to disclose everything. After all my gf is following my blog! Hehe.

From the deepest corner of my heart and with the broadest smile, I thank the special women in my life and in others’ as well.  Thanks to my –

Mom, who unknowingly has taught me which kind of girl I must look our for.

Aunty, who has thrashed me many times in my childhood days just to make sure I’m what I wanted to be.

Granny, who through her composed nature taught me that life’s long and beautiful too.

Sister, who through her smiles, helped me a great deal in many aspects of life.

Super Girlfren, who makes me believe I’m the best person next to a vampire. 😛

Best friend, who helps me smile even during bad times.

The girl commenting on my blog, for making me believe my blog is at least read by someone I don’t know.

Twitter followers, who replied to some of my tweets sometimes, making me sure I wasn’t shouting at them.

Infosys HR, who said the sweetest words of my life, “Yes, you are selected. Welcome to Infosys!”

Penthouse maid, who makes it possible for us to cook food in the night by cleaning all those utensils.

And specially the girl Amanat/Damini/Nirjaya who unknowingly has helped many a guys to respect women as they should be with utmost care and love, like they always should be!  RESPECT!!


A happy and prosperous new year to all, even the bad guys too! Cheers.


4 Responses to “Respect to thou, Women!”

  1. Valentina said

    Hi there…..I dont know how I missed this superb post of yours!! Made me smile throughout….Hope the new year is treating you well. Thank you for making me feel good!! 🙂

  2. Elena said

    Cool blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from
    somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog jump out.
    Please let me know where you got your theme. With thanks

    • Rojit said

      Thanks Elena. It’s from wordpress itself. Haven’t downloaded from anywhere. Keep searching your widgets and you’ll find many! Cheers!!

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