Gambling with Life

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In seclusion

Posted by Rojit on November 19, 2012


It’s indeed a life full of labyrinth ,    

At times a light so divine as love elucidates none  

No matter how hard I stretch to my limit

To rejoice the time after every beautiful storm,

With a heart now not so heavy,

And a path now not so strange,

Yet, the ladder is never too long!

Yet, the emotion couldn’t soar high enough!


Belief has always fueled this small life.

And hope making it more meaningful as ever.

Paralyzed by both, I took steps behind.

Wishing someday I would walk an extra mile,

To carry any of the lost baggage,

To smile at the unknown lost chances,

To add feathers to my flock of memories.

I guess solitude gives solace like no one else!


This sunshine and my sinful heart will always fight

And the audiences would be in abundance.

Never been in between the Dead Sea and the Devils,

Such that, to win I will have to try losing.

Will this ever remorseful heart bereave this soul?

Thoughts and answers won’t be such a good friend

Neither will be the truth and the emotions!

Time may be long gone then to turn back.



With winds against, I shall sail long long way,

Singing songs of a broken confused heart,

Hoping never to cross an angel to risk again

Still, this heart won’t stop pounding,

Still, these lips won’t stop missing the smiles.

And these eyes may still look for you at the horizon.

But until the last leaf falls,

May life croon the quintessential lullaby of death!


2 Responses to “In seclusion”

  1. Valentina said

    Wow……!! I am speechless……such powerful expressions!! Loved it 🙂
    I hope you aren’t nursing a broken heart….hehehehe!! No offense….just kidding!! This is really good

    • Rojit said

      Oh..thanks a lot. I didn’t notice ur comment. Helps me a great deal in writing. Happy new year btw. Cheers. Keep writing 😛

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