Gambling with Life

Screw others, always be ready to place the bet !

My buddy

Posted by Rojit on November 14, 2012


I have a feeling and it’s so damn strong,

When I leave this world, I’ll do with a smile

And a message loud and clear to all

That I was always happy being with you.


I won’t remember each and every moment

‘Coz not all moments will be needed

To make this small life of mine worthy..

Of making it to a place everyone wishes – heaven!


Destiny painted my soul with the colours of your smile.

And fragrances of your kindness have filled this once-empty-heart.

Life”ll never be so blessed as much as with our friendship. 

I love you dear friend and let this be the only truth of my life.



Life’s masterpieces might reshape your life,

Your own road might be blurred like never,

And like an unmoved rock free from treachery,

I’ll be here to listen, smile and walk with you anytime !


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