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A wish

Posted by Rojit on October 14, 2012

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Someday I wish¬†¬†I could just go back to day 1 of my school life…wearing that small half pant and a shirt and a sweater

with an elastic tie…blowing my nose on that big handkerchief my mom inserted in my pocket…. just the way I was being taught to. I would look back at the faces of the innocent kids or rather friends sitting besides me and many a friend shouting from behind. I’ll be smiling when I see a few of my class mates still crying because of many reasons which as a child I’ll sum up to as being hungry.

Someday I wish I had a time machine and not because I would like to correct myself for whatever wrong things I did but simply because I really wish to know the people I hurt the most and possibly treat them even better with all my heart!

Life’s been great with only the best people in my life, some already honored with the mortal part and yet some still on the process of re-writing their stories. There had been heartbreaking moments, there had been misjudgment, there had been remorseful parts but at the end of the day, I still loved the very essence of being alive and know for sure however late, I can still find happiness stuck forever in the land of nowhere.

Someday I wish¬†there were a God for real, one who is omni power and omnipresent and that everyone would fear to even let¬†an evil thought cross one’s mind. Human beings might be the smartest of all and may be capable of so so many things. Yet, we are still alone on this lonely planet that doesn’t even resemble one tiny dot in this entire universe.

Someday I wish¬†I had a little cute sister, one who annoys me like anything, who will ask for treat on my first, second, third and nth salary, who will share every problem of hers, who will never have her lunch or dinner without me, and…and who will listen to this simple story of my life with all her heart. I’ll always keep her as the apple of my eye and as long as this life shall stretch, I’ll fight everything for her.

Someday I wish¬†¬†I could just die for someone….someone who deserves smiles throughout her life…someone whose innocence speaks volumes of her life’s humility…someone who is not just beautiful on the outside but a lot more beautiful and pure inside. I’d honor death with the sweetest smile and the biggest courage and all I ever need to carry till heaven is just one kiss from her. When I finally close these eyes for the last time, let my stories be told in all versions proving (may be) how mean and heartless I was but in the end let this truth be always be known to all –¬†I love a girl and shall always love her!

Someday I wishafter all it’s just a wish – that life shall beckon one more time to relive the past once more, to laugh at the same jokes once more, to fall in love once more, to spend those valuable times with friends once more…to believe we could really fly..once more.

‘Coz life’s one way track that never knows to turn back however fast or slow we finish the race!


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