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My not-so-fair Lady

Posted by Rojit on August 17, 2012

he smiles and smiles like the innocent face of a kid whom everyone so fondly cherishes.  And like a soft wind that seems to have touched everyone, her beautifully shaped face shall never need to ask someone to fall for it. Her hair, long as it can ever be, may have melted plenty. Her job requires so many things apart from just skills. The way this society shall portray her, will differ and yet she was there brave and standing high with a leather stuff in her hand. She offers all the people who came inside the important thing for this small world of us to run and in return a few cash which she carefully inserts into her bag. She has only a straight pavement where she could walk up and down, and every point the customers will look at her. I too sat there waiting for her……for my turn when she shall walk up to me and ask for the cash.





As angelic someone could be, she comes towards me wit no hesitation at all. And I, on the other hand, dumbstruck by the way she tries to control everyone, already have forgotten how the heart pounds ! A woman she is, and there I see – a person with such humilty who is so honest and sincere about her job. She stands just infront of me as a part of her daily show and with an eye so deep, so meaningful,  she looks at me and just like that, the world trancends into silenceI hear nothing, I smell nothing. I just see the beauty and tranquility of her eyes and like a magnet, I was already down the road lost. Moments past when finally I could hear something pounding so hard and fast. I realized it was my own heart beats and a second later, I could hear her say something. And just like everyone I smiled and paid her!


At this place, she must have met so many kind of people and without an ioto of emotion attached, she knows they will leave this place, the place where she works. For almost an hour she was doing her job and I on the other hand simply couldn’t take my eyes off her. I felt like asking her name but that idea didn’t sound so well. So I refrained myself from doing that, and I sat still, enjoying the moments of her at sight! I remembered my school days when I was a victim of ‘love at first sight ‘ when I first saw a girl in our local playground. I don’t remember her face now, it never happened to me again but boy did I know… how magical I felt. I’m not saying this very moment when I saw this strong woman with black kohls and beautifully coifed hair,will be ‘love at first sight’ but I guess it’s the closest it has ever got.


After short stint with my not so fair lady, I’ve never been this much reluctant in my life to cease this wonderful moment. I guess her service wasn’t needed anymore and with a heart almost broken to pieces, I left her. I try to look back at her with all my might but to no avail. And all I could remember apart from those heavenly moments and her angelic face, was the simple smile she secretly made not knowing or expecting someone could already be shot by that infamous cupid’s arrow! Whenever I have a chance, I’ll always try to find one AP 01N 1439 of bus route number 113/M, the place where she works as a bus conductor!!


Someone truly said that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholders‘. And sometimes when I meet a woman like this typical not so fair Telegu Bus conductor, I believe some beauty is just constant, never to be doubted, never to be judged, never to be ignored. Amen 😀


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