Gambling with Life

Screw others, always be ready to place the bet !

The One Girl

Posted by Rojit on July 25, 2012

The early morning, the birds rhyme with your name, 

And as I open my eyes, I see your smiles 

I took a deep breath beieving somehow I could feel u 

Yet another day starts with you in mind and in this heart. 


The dews vividly telling the story of last night thunder, 

And with this last cigarette almost vanishing in air, 

I opened the sweetest corner of my heart to see you, 

For I know, with this, the cool breeze will but remind you! 


The sky is silenced and so is the infinite time 

The brids’ sound is at pause and the heaven is the brightest 

I took this moment, and prayed to God as always 

Thanking, to let her lines of fate cross mine! 


Searching for a shadow in midnight. 

Trying to hear a voice in a crowd full of noises. 

My life still unclear of d directions and values. 

Has now taken the road that leads to yours!


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