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The One Girl

Posted by Rojit on July 25, 2012

The early morning, the birds rhyme with your name, 

And as I open my eyes, I see your smiles 

I took a deep breath beieving somehow I could feel u 

Yet another day starts with you in mind and in this heart. 


The dews vividly telling the story of last night thunder, 

And with this last cigarette almost vanishing in air, 

I opened the sweetest corner of my heart to see you, 

For I know, with this, the cool breeze will but remind you! 


The sky is silenced and so is the infinite time 

The brids’ sound is at pause and the heaven is the brightest 

I took this moment, and prayed to God as always 

Thanking, to let her lines of fate cross mine! 


Searching for a shadow in midnight. 

Trying to hear a voice in a crowd full of noises. 

My life still unclear of d directions and values. 

Has now taken the road that leads to yours!


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My Experiment with Life

Posted by Rojit on July 14, 2012

I always believe in a life filled with small yet beautiful moments and these moments come from day to day life events which we eventually wouldn’t be able to recImageall each and every part of it. That’s why I sometimes so so feel the need of a CCTV that will record each part of my life, of course barring a ‘few scenes’ which are otherwise shouldn’t be interpreted wrongly. When at the age of say 40, I certainly want to have achieved many a dream with a perfect healthy family with ‘x’ number of my own children, but most importantly I would love to remember many little things about my own life. I would like to recall at least one special indelible moment occurred in each year of my life. I can do that at least..right? Just imagine yourself having lived for so many years and you aren’t able to bring out few chapters from your own life happened in each year! That would be really sad. Try doing that. ‘coz I believe that when my life reaches its dawn, I certainly should have no regret with the way this small life was led; instead I should be proud of rightly living this one time journey in a grandeur style. This post is all about trying to resurrect, if possible, one special incident in each year of my life. I’ll try with happy days! Anyone reading this till now may certainly get bored reading the following. It’s OK if you leave here. I’m as usual extremely thankful for having reached till this point. My life’s timeline looks something like this –

Year (0-1): I was born of course. That’s the happiest day of my life..shouldn’t it be?

Year 2: I got injured once in my head and my grandma made Cerelacs for me. I could still feel the aroma and taste of it.

Year 3: First injection of my life in some vaccination program organized by my father. I didn’t cry as everyone around me cheered for me saying I looked like Mithun Chakraborty!

Year 4: Our first TV came. A small red ‘black and white’ TV and believe it or not, it still works.

Year 5: My first day at school and I still remember the fear inside of me when I thought all those parents inside the class would be my teachers!

Year 6: My first fight with a local friend. I swear to God, I wasn’t beaten up. I only beat the shit out of him.

Year 7: Had I not found out the small fire that took place in our living room due to the candle my sister used for her prayer, our then small home would have been transformed to ashes.

Year 8: My then best friend Premchand or Premamanda or Prem something was the first to call me up on our then landline number. I was so so happy!

Year 9: Got my first and last certificate for 100% attendance record. #WTFmoment!

Year 10: With 3 of my local friends, we managed to pour water on a group of 11 girls during Yaosang festival (Holi). Sense of Achievement!

Year 11: I became the only person in this universe who had been beaten up by my father and his 5 siblings when my dad’s younger brother thrashed me with his sandal dragging from TV room till the kitchen. And I’m still the only person to do so

Year 12: Crossed the ‘Barrack’ river with my dad and bro on a boat after a morning walk for 5-6 kms when everyone was just passing across the river walking! Felt so stupid.

Year 13: Received ‘the best student award’ for some I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck reason on Parents’ Day function in school. It was a watch with pink rubber strap. 😛

Year 14: Our class teacher (late) Miss Dayabati once offered her handkerchief to me so that I could remove the white discharge oozing out of my eyes due to conjunctivitis. Miss her a lot.

Year 15: Got my first Bicycle – MTV 9000.

Year 16: Proposed to the most beautiful gal of a Girls’ School through my best friend who did it for me through her friend!

Year 17: First day in my XI Class and attended a full day class without even getting myself registered! #WTFmoment

Year 18: Was the leader of a group called ‘SNTG’ (SayNoToGals) and my good friend Daljit was the only follower! Yes, I was that weird!

Year 19: Too many important things happened! Met my best buddy and lost her too.

Year 20: An elderly Tamil guy wearing a lungi and barefoot, in the middle of the road, asked me in TAMIL what the time was. I answered back in Tamil with a typical Tamil accent and seeing him so happy made my day!

Year 21: Started drinking for the very first time and I was like – what-da-fuck was I doing before?!

Year 22: Got my first job and the joining date came after three years. #SadButTrue

Year 23: Was in my ‘first Bachelors’ Party’. Almost ended up in a fight 😛

Year 24: Donated blood for the first time. I got a biscuit, a juice and a bonus smile that too from a cute nurse.

Year 25: My poker chips in Zynga Texas Hold’em Poker crossed 100 Million. I was bragging about it like anything 😛

Year 26: This ongoing year gave a lot of important things to remember – first thabal chongba, first job, first salary, being in a relationship, meeting my best friend aka twin sist, a few celebrities replying to my tweets, my bro passing out NDA, watching my long lost-n-found buddy singing live on stage, witnessing FIREHOUSE LIVE and many others. But the moment I shall treasure the most this year will be the one when I sent some cash to my mother out of my own earning! That’s all folks, and thanks to anyone who has come so far reading these few craps. All I’m asking of you is to try doing the same thing I just did and see for yourself what you’re actually missing!
Cheers friends!!!

NB:- Btw, I don’t maintain a personal diary.

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