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God owes me Money!

Posted by Rojit on June 4, 2012

Before anything goes in writings, let me be very sure as to whatever I’m gonna write is NOT at all an act of blasphemy. I always thank God for making me an atheist because the logic is simple : whatever we are about to do, is all scripted (Shri Krishna gi Lilaa). So, dear Lord wherever and whoever you are, please don’t harm me for being frank and sharing these ‘feelings’ with my friends here in Facebook, twitter and my Blog.

As an ignorant child of yours, I’ll come straight to the point. God, YOU OWE ME MONEY!

There will be endless incidents to cite to prove my allegation. But let me do it in a nutshell. Once, before my board exam I came to your house and offered you some cash believing that I could score a handsome percentage. But the marks weren’t enough and You know that! Forget about that, remember the time when India and Sri Lanka played the 1996 Cricket World Cup semi final and also that 2003 cricket final. Mann..YOU failed me again even though I visited a few temples with some 10 Rupees notes. I even once went to a Church in my Engineering days just to check whether God is one and all. And ya, there must be only one God. Because there also, I offered 20 bucks wishing for some personal thing which you paid no heed to. Damn, I had never been so disappointed. But most importantly, dear Almighty, if you could remember I came to your abode in Kolkata once and offered many things and just wished the one thing I had never wished to any type of God in any type of Your home – the heart of the most beautiful girl in our college to be mine! It didn’t take even 24 hours to tell me she was already someone else’s. If that’s what God’s play is all about, then I have every right to tell God that He owes me money and that too I-don’t-know-how-much-amount!

I never take ‘offering a few cash to God’ as bribery but that’s the least I could think of. It’s not Imagealways about the money. It has gotta be something, a belief, a hope or just anything with which we go to your place. And when those few things considered the most important aren’t received the way we anticipate, I won’t say it’s wrong to say there’s malfunction in your system. I always wanted to believe in a higher power which is unimaginable just to let me believe that there’s some after life shit and that being good in this life shall reward me some time. But, I guess I was just being a fool. It’s in your repertoire of tricks to let someone become who he is and I won’t doubt myself doubting You in Your ways of handling everyone’s life in a way I always say, ” WTF..!”

NB:- Hope u guys like this little piece of crap written under the Hyderabad heat and a dull dinner. Enjoy 😀


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