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The momentary victory

Posted by Rojit on May 31, 2012

His red eyes say it all…the anger he has been building up over the ages…the frustration his life has been filled up with the series of unfortunate fates Imageraining on his life and most importantly the false imprints the religion fanatics have been engraving upon his heart, and right this moment the picture in front of him doesn’t deter him a bit and he is there with his hands steadfast to make his next move – shoot anyone in front of him!

Even though the moment is righteous for him to pull the trigger, but somewhere a part of him – shouting hard yet, softly audible, pricks his thinking and for that moment he pauses, looking at the small kid whose ignorant eyes only call for his mother who has just been killed. And that particular moment, I guess the ‘human’ inside of him cheered for victory and just as the moment elapses, the death though seems so fearless, shrouds his life and he couldn’t pull the trigger at all. The bullets flying over his head for hundreds of times, finally find their target. They say the last moment of your life you see things you’ve always wanted to see…He doesn’t remember the faces he killed, he doesn’t recall the hate-words inculcated in his mind, he doesn’t know what’s right or wrong now, but at this final moment he is about to say goodbye to a world he has always felt so aloof, he remembers just the face of the kid who was almost killed.

His mother never dreamt of a day like today but being a terrorist has taught him many a thing and one of which was ‘sacrifice’ which by now has been knitted with his life. His life apart from many things, shows the simple fact of a virtue that lies in every human’s heart and no matter how much hate and ill fate one’s life might have gone through, but the seed of goodness sown with the touch of a mother, at the very moment one comes to this world will always grow, though secretly, and the fragrances will be known when life poses at extreme conditions.

And as I ponder over the very thought of how the notorious terrorists of all time might look like in their childhood days…the same cuteness, kindness and love like a normal kid must have shown. And the kind mother would have had dreams of what her child would become in the days to come. It’s funny and yet saddening to know how circumstances led one thing to another and that ignorant simple kid to someone everyone will be afraid of someday!

‘It’s an irony but the greatest enemy for human is infact human itself.”


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