Gambling with Life

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In your eyes

Posted by Rojit on April 19, 2012

I once dreamt of the best heavenly abode…over the bosoms of mountains laid the green grasses smiling to the sky. And the heaven above was broadly opening up to let the masterpiece seen in naked eyes. The rainbows came down and touched my face. The birds sang and sang forming the sound of the universe.

Amongst these dreamy moments with natural bounties at their best, the thought of you, a face so pure of you come running through my mind and just like that everything vanishes…coz I know you are the zenith of beauty compared to anything on this universe and I can’t dream anything more beautiful than you.


It’s amazing that the gentle curve of your face could do wonders in someone’s life. If that’s what “God’s gifted” is all about then I assure to myself that I’ll be blind to everything but your smile.



The pains washed away

To see your eyes, so much truthful

The tears have lost their way home,

To see your lips glistened with heaven.

The life found its zenith so long lost,

To hear you speak, with such sincerity.

And I’ll be happy to own life’s comrade- death,

To see myself being yours!

‘Coz baby, the moment I saw you, thunderbolt it was!


If ever there be a place where all the good people live, where the evil minded devils find solaces in their lives and become close to being angels, where only happiness, peace, laughter and prosperity remain without ever diminishing…if ever there be a place like this…I certainly don’t have any intention to go and spend my life there. Because (in my wishes) with you holding my hands, with your heart in my heart and with your smiles in my mind forever, I have already found peace, happiness and my life’s got nothing to wish for apart from worshipping you for each day of this remaining life!! A very happy and meaningful 25th Birthday to you!!


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