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The greatest guy I’ve ever known

Posted by Rojit on April 30, 2012

U know dad, you’re the first guy whom I ever went on a date watching a movie and holding hands,” she slowly speaks looking at her dad who is still wearing a smiling face.

”Remember Dad, the first day of my school life when u left me inside a class with faces full of strangers, I was scared and crying like anything and you hold my hands, brought out a handkerchief, blew my running nose, stroke my hair and said to me,

‘When you cry, you know your daddy isn’t happy. If you really want to make me sad, com’on you can cry just like you’re doing right now. But princess, your tears aren’t worth falling off if the reason isn’t proper. Ur daddy will be here just outside the class and if the teacher is treating you badly, daddy will see that the teacher gets full punishment. Okay? ”

That was the nicest thing someone ever has told me and the fact that it was you, made my life even more special. Don’t tell me u didn’t but I did see you crying as well. ” And thanks to you, I met my best friend in this school…Richa. Btw, daddy she is in US now and a mother of two. You’ll love it when you see…*sigh* …see them.

I don’t remember how many times I have got sick but each time I did, you always told me the story of the princess who was saved from a fatal disease, and come what may…it always made a curve upon my face. And every time, u narrated the story u had to convince me it was a different story and I didn’t care much as long as you were the one narrating the story.”

Still binding the marigold together with both her hands, she again continues-

‘You have that uncanny knack of helping me smile even when I was angry. When our puppy Jackey died I was so down at heart and for days I couldn’t even eat. That’s when I had my first candle light dinner with a guy and thanks a lot it was you. You played my favourite song and cooked my favourite dish. You then introduced me to Jenny. And dad, Jenny is all grown up now and perhaps the most faithful creature I’ve ever seen. Sometimes, I do see your smile in Jenny.”

”Granny told me once when you had to come down running all the way from your office just because I started walking for the first time in life. And whenever mommy told me the story I couldn’t help picture the huge antique video camera with which you had to shoot the video.”

Her voice getting heavy with all the emotions boiling up, she added, “And once during my College days, we were chatting and chatting over the phone…and then you told me a secret about your high school crush. I still am keeping that secret, daddy but I did have a secret that time and am sorry I didn’t tell you because I feared that Roby would no way come close to being a guy like my dad. But dad, he turned out to be the best guy next to you. He is the same guy I show you the photo last year and yup dad, Roby’s name is also there in your daughter’s wedding card! How I wish if you could meet him just once. And you’ll know the reason why your daughter has fallen in love with him.”

This time like a dark monsoon cloud, her eyes couldn’t help but shower the tears so long holding for. With the final garland she just made, she puts on her father’s picture. And an agarbati in her hands, she wishes for her father as she does every day. And on picture, she could now see her mother and it seems she has been listening to all of this while she was talking to her dad. Knowing that she finally tells her dad,

”You must be so happy up there daddy and u have left me with this drama queen of eavesdropping! This is so not fair. ”

And just like that, her mom joined in her prayer but now with a little smile over her face. And like a caring Almighty, her dad still with a smile, looks over them from the picture hanging above!


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The perfect lullaby

Posted by Rojit on April 21, 2012

Weeks back, he was there, eavesdropping on her belly the little sound their tiny baby was makingand she would giggle looking at him talking like an insane guy to the baby comfortably asleep in her mother’s womb.

And today, the sound of universe just made a terrible mix with the tune in his life and all he could hear right now was the pain inside his heart as it pounds again and again with her name!

And on the other part, the music so beautiful engulfed with a life just walks into into this world as his new born baby boy sits on his lap crying.

There were very few times he hadn’t felt sorry for her to lead a life so different from her grandeur life.  Born with a silver spoon, she knew not a single idea of how to run a family. And yet she left behind everything just for his sake not just because he is an orphan Muslim with poverty as his greatest asset and that, her family would never accept the relationship but simply because she saw in his eyes the happiness and solace she hadn’t felt despite her life filled with so many things a normal girl would never dream ofThey say love blinds everyone but in her case, it was love that gave new dimensions to her life, a new meaning to the beauty of the bright moon and the door to a world her life has been dreaming of unknown to her conscience!


Many times, he couldn’t help building a beautiful future of just him and her and at times, he couldn’t help but regret the fact that the soft hands of her had then turned hard with burnt everywhere from the daily chores. But when he held her hands with eyes so over brimmed with tears and kissed her, she knew that she had nothing else to wish for and nothing else to cry for.And today when he holds her hands devoid of pulse, he feels cold and his life gets dunked in remorse so deep and just like many times before, he feels he should never let the lines of fate cross hers!

He loves her and she loves him – that will be what the world might remember of them. But to them, they have forgotten the world and the definition of sadness had long lost in the sands of time!

A month into that dreaded day and he still can’t cope up with the loss of his soul mate, and there is in front of him – the baby boy still crying! The hardship of a single father in the family where there isn’t anyone, is taking toll on him, but then again when he sees the baby with eyes so open wide, who is going to lead a life without the shadow of a mother, he promises a future for the baby where the baby will never feel the lacuna created by her loss! But father he is. And no one expects him to take care of the baby as a mother would. The night is windy and the sound of thunder isn’t helping the baby from crying. He misses her more than ever today. And just as helpless as someone could ever be, he finally croons the song she always used to… a song she once wrote for him and a tune no one has ever heard! And just like that, as a mystery magic casts its spell, the baby stops crying as if it has been waiting for the song since aeons…a lullaby her mother made for him. And with his hands clutched to his father’s fingers, he sleeps a sleep with a promise he unknowingly makes to never give any hurdles to his dad.

Years hence, the baby boy now in his high school, and holding a trophy he just won in his school’s singing competition after singing his mother’s song, is asked to say a few words in front of the school crowd while his father with eyes full of pride watches his boy.

He utters, “My dad says to me that there is an angel watching every person on this earth.  And even though, the angel is always in the form of a mother, I know that my dad is the angel…actually the greatest angel. I love you daddy. But when I sing this song, I feel I’m singing with my mommy. This song is a gift from my mom and I know whenever, I sing it, she will be happy. ”

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In your eyes

Posted by Rojit on April 19, 2012

I once dreamt of the best heavenly abode…over the bosoms of mountains laid the green grasses smiling to the sky. And the heaven above was broadly opening up to let the masterpiece seen in naked eyes. The rainbows came down and touched my face. The birds sang and sang forming the sound of the universe.

Amongst these dreamy moments with natural bounties at their best, the thought of you, a face so pure of you come running through my mind and just like that everything vanishes…coz I know you are the zenith of beauty compared to anything on this universe and I can’t dream anything more beautiful than you.


It’s amazing that the gentle curve of your face could do wonders in someone’s life. If that’s what “God’s gifted” is all about then I assure to myself that I’ll be blind to everything but your smile.



The pains washed away

To see your eyes, so much truthful

The tears have lost their way home,

To see your lips glistened with heaven.

The life found its zenith so long lost,

To hear you speak, with such sincerity.

And I’ll be happy to own life’s comrade- death,

To see myself being yours!

‘Coz baby, the moment I saw you, thunderbolt it was!


If ever there be a place where all the good people live, where the evil minded devils find solaces in their lives and become close to being angels, where only happiness, peace, laughter and prosperity remain without ever diminishing…if ever there be a place like this…I certainly don’t have any intention to go and spend my life there. Because (in my wishes) with you holding my hands, with your heart in my heart and with your smiles in my mind forever, I have already found peace, happiness and my life’s got nothing to wish for apart from worshipping you for each day of this remaining life!! A very happy and meaningful 25th Birthday to you!!

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