Gambling with Life

Screw others, always be ready to place the bet !

Adieu to a Life

Posted by Rojit on March 15, 2012

‘You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Love u.!”, exclaimed exactly 2 hours ago, as she was jumping and hopping getting her dream job. And now, she lays there unmoved to cold winter rain, unheard to the heavy sounds of traffic as she sleeps a sleep that knows no awakening!

Being an agnostic guy, he never bothered to acknowledge the temple besides his home but for some reason deeply connected, today he let his forehead coloured just for the sake of her…praying for her. And now, his hands are clutched, blood drenching his shirt and most importantly one could see tears that have now learned never to stop!

There were days he loved the silence but today the silence brought in apart from many other things, tears that once bade goodbye to his life after meeting her. There were times the practical part of him never allowed himself to dream and then there were times, meeting her taught him to colour his life with only dreams because the key to the door that opens from the virtual world to reality was there vividly in every smile of hers!  He once vowed to himself that he wouldn’t allow even an ounce of sadness near her shadows and today with her in his lap, all he could think of is a way of reversing the time and could kiss the death instead of her.

Whenever problems came visited as unwelcomed guest, he would simply touch her fur like hands and just like that the world seemed to be OK again. For the last so many minutes, he has been holding her hands and yet it seems the world is all desolated, lost in time and can’t even find an iota of happiness in under these tiny rain droplets!

It felt like just yesterday when he proposed to her. He spent days toiling hard to rehearse the lines he had to say. He took her out on the best day and with the best red roses from his mother’s garden, he started off with a shivering voice and the heavy words he was about to use then became too heavy to slip out. She was giggling all the time and before he could tell his heart out, she had kissed him and the journey of a beautiful life had just set out. And now, this moment witnesses an end of many things – a life, elixir of smiles, home of happiness, but most importantly his overflowing feelings going in waste with every drop of her blood that joined with the rain drops.

With one last breath flushing out, he kissed her forehead and unknown to the inexplicable emmotions shrouding him, he wiped his last tear, got up, closed his eyes and like a child he was walking down the road and the sound of the horn from a speedy truck soon was soon heard! 

Amidst the enigma of fire, his heart like a little waif, having a yen to fight, has now known to entreat only for quelling his unstationary fate!


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