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Unforgiving Time

Posted by Rojit on March 5, 2012

For an in numerous sunrises that had gone unnoticed and still thousands that had lighted up many a people’s lives, Rita knows for sure that today won’t be the same anymore and in her heart, the adversity lies waiting. On this early summer dawn, though her hands are still filled with warmth of love and care as Rahul holds hers, yet the winter is soon to set in for her life. And possibly, she would never ever witness the real winter this year.

She recalls a month before, her doctor murmuring some name which didn’t concern her at all, because whatever the disease meant, she had been told she had only 10 months. She had nothing to fear, for she has him still around.

Rahul looks into her eyes and just like that the time seems to pause for a while. Having said not a thing, he kisses her forehead and leaves. On his way out, he meets Ruby, her sister; makes a gentle smile vividly showing it was a fake. Ruby understands the pain in his smile. Rita, still watching the sunrise, yet her mind unheard of the birds chirping neither her phone that must have rung for the fifth time, for she has been gazing at the card that says, ” Rahul Weds Ruby ”

After 6 months from that day, Rahul holds the picture of his wedding and with a heart so heavy, visits all those memory lanes where in each path, Rita had coloured with every possible emotion and the smallest of the smallest things still haven’t lost the smell of Rita. He takes off his glasses and momentarily closes his eyes as he is taken back to that day when Rita with tears rolling down her cheeks asked for the wish of her life.

”Dear, I’ll always love you and I know you’ll too. Loving you has taught many things and of all, your future and happiness are what I treasure the most. I can’t let you act normal and cheer me up everyday like you’ve been doing for the last so many weeks. You have to move on, dear. The only wish I could ever think of is you to be happy. The love you have for me is enough for this lifetime and if you really want to see me happy, here’s my last wish – Marry my sister! ”

He curses himself for promising to her to grant any wish even before the wish was made. He curses himself for letting her go. He curses himself for being in this state where no one could ever go back.

The sound of someone’s steps approaching him finally awakens him. Ruby, still as cheerful as ever, has all that Rita has…a great heart anyone would long for and a beauty everyone dreams of witnessing someday. Rahul, being so indifferent to her, yet knows in his heart the sacrifices she has made for her big sister. Someday, very far, he can’t help wondering how Ruby could ever replace her sister’s place.


For the last so many weeks after her marriage, as a daily routine, Ruby comes to their bedroom, smiles at Rahul, says Goodnight and tugs herself in the bed. Before she closes her eyes, she can’t help but remember what her sister told to her after her successful operation of what the world of science calls it ‘miracle’.

“Dear, I know you’ll never forgive me and I’m not asking you to forgive me. God was unfair and I wholeheartedly welcome His decision. All I’m asking is you to be happy and Rahul will never ever let you come near the shadow of grief. I want to thank you for what you have sacrificed for me. I want to thank you for being my greatest sister. I want to thank you for being the nicest person on Earth. Please make Rahul never miss my absence. Always be happy, dear Sister”

Yup, Rita fought the incurable cancer thanks to some newly ‘discovered’ drug that was recently developed. Ruby finally closes her eyes knowing that the person sleeping besides him doesn’t love her and that he still misses her sister.

They say Time heals everything, cures everything but sometimes, very rarely time could be such a heartless bitch forgiving none and waiting for no one thus leaving today three people with their hearts placed somewhere not owned by any.

[With four different pictures, this story ends]

Picture 1: Ruby, with eyes closed, still hoping to wake up the next day when her husband holds her hands or just even call her name lovingly.

Picture 2: Rahul, with a heart loaded with remorse, still listening to the voice that says, “The subscriber is currently switched off. Please try again after sometime.” He looks up and says, “Yet another maserpiece You have created to torture this small life of mine..!!”

Picture 3: It’s now winter and Rita, wearing the first gift- a ‘sweater’ that Rahul gave to her, throws away her old SIM card and finally finds her seat number S1, #43. Her co-passenger, an old aged woman, asks her where she is headed. She smiles and says, ”Anywhere but this place ” and she flushes out her breath to a new life still unknown.

Picture 4: Lastly, a photo frame besides the bed, consisting of happy faces of Rita, Ruby and Rahul taken on 31st July, 2001. It was Rahul’s Birthday and incidentally their first anniversary.!

PS: M not sure whether the picture from KKHH is apt for the story but I guess you got the point why. Enjoy reading!


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