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A play of fate

Posted by Rojit on March 29, 2012

As he enters his name in the register for the 14th time in these two weeks, he slowly keeps track of the big clock of the library and also looks out for the one face he has already kept inside his sweetest corner of his heart worshipping everyday for the past so many days. For a minute or two, he kept searching but to no avail. And then he bumped into her and it seemed as if she was also searching for him. She made a bashful curve in her face and her slightest eye movement was arrested and framed in his heartbeat.”

Amie’s mom started the story and Amie, owing to an argument with her dad this morning, was still too furious with her dad to even ask who the guy and the girl were.

They met exactly 2 weeks ago in this library of a college where he wasn’t studying at all. He came to return a book for his friend and *bang* he saw her and since then, she has been colouring his fate with every possible smile she possesses. He went to the library everyday because he knew for sure that she comes there every day at 10 o’clock may be to read, maybe she works there. And for the past 2 weeks, even though no word had been exchanged yet every time, they looked at each other the heart beats couldn’t be controlled, the flow of emotions running from one heart to another couldn’t be stopped and unknowingly both were falling in the most beautiful gift, everyone calls ‘Love’! Today he made up his mind and then left finally a note to the library attendant to give it to her.”


Amie’s mom pauses for a moment and still finds her daughter upset. And then she added ” The note says something like this – In your eyes, I’ve seen myself being the happiest guy and in your silence, I’ve known to miss the sweetest voice. Believe me I’m not yet crazy, not yet a poet but with the way your fluttering hair and your black kohl unknowingly tease me every day, I’ll be soon one. Hope I could meet you in person tomorrow, 3 o’clock at the cafe just opposite to the library. I need to say the most important thing to you.”

Intrigued by her mom’s breaking voice while telling the contents of the note which seemed to Amie that she had known it by heart, she asks, “Mom, r u OK?’

‘I’m OK baby. I…I’m fine!

Then she continued.

”It was 2 pm the next day and the happiness in her face was glowing plus the anxiety could be well read by anyone as she dressed herself for the rendezvous. She reached the cafe 20 minutes past 3 and as she hurriedly crossed the road, she looked at the cafe glass wall and saw the face of the guy who was still looking at her thinking may be, she wouldn’t turn up! And just like that the gentle breeze of her smiles moistened her face. Inside the cafe, the guy was all drenched with ecstasy looking at the angel who had shown up to lead a life full of joy and love. And with one blink of eye, there was an explosion shattering the glasses to pieces and may be his hopes too. He remembered nothing except her face. He woke up exactly after half an hour to the sounds of people crying and the smell of hospital. The first moment, he regained conscious he asked the nurse if she had seen any girl in a pink tee and blue jeans. The nurse replied, ”Sir, there has been 15 people dead and 50 odd persons injured severely. You’re very lucky as nothing has happened to you. You should be discharged in a couple of minutes. If you could provide the name of the girl you are asking, maybe I can help!”

Seeing the guy lost in a few moments, the nurse asked him again. The guy finally replied, ‘Sorry miss, I don’t have the name! But could I see those…those..who…ummm…have deceased.” The nurse finding him a bit unusual, hesitantly lead him to the morgue and left him there. He stood there behind the glass, awestruck & speechless (as he ran out of breath) to see a girl in her mid 20s, wearing a pink tee and a blue jean and her face completely destroyed! She was lifeless. He broke down on his knees, still not believing what he just saw and finally, shed tears he knew never existed. A lifetime dreams built over two weeks time would be so short lived – he never thought. His flying hopes now had to crawl and the scar so deeply wounded might consume his own life.

As he saw the twist of fate so badly twisted in seconds, someone patted him on his shoulder…someone in white blazer and some name plate on his chest. ”Excuse me Sir”, he said, ”Is your blood group A+? We badly need a blood donor. Someone is critical and if we don’t give blood now, death will be a certainty.

Dejected and isolated from his own self, he said nothing but just nodded YES and wondered if the life filled so much void would be any help to a departing soul. He donated his blood, helped someone else to live; and without an ounce of his feelings lost, he left the hospital to the library one last time. There wasn’t anyone in the library due to the blast except the attendant who was scared to death. I guess life’s irony can never be separated. He tried to feel her at that seat where she usually sits and studies and funny that he saw a similar face of him engraved on the desk and besides that another similar face of her and under both these faces, there were these symbols ‘R+R‘!

His heart skipped once again probably for the last time and he ran to meet the attendant asking the name of the girl who usually sits at that seat.

”I know her very well. Her name is Riya. She isn’t from this college but she has been coming over this library for the last two weeks…I don’t know why. Oh, I completely forgot to tell you that she even once asked me your name. Do you know her, son? Is she all right?”, the attendant said to him.

The world became a silent place and the wind of remorse struck him this moment hard enough to break him down again, as he didn’t bother answering back the attendant and left it. He lost his love, he lost an opportunity but most importantly he lost himself.

This time Amie, completely absorbed in the story, seems to forget why she was still mad at her dad and now starts pouring in Questions of Why’s and How’s to her mom about the story.


Amie’s mom continues,” It took months for Rishi to finally move on but still after a year and half from that tragic incident, he couldn’t find anyone slightly close to the girl he lost. Worried sick, his best friend finally fixed a date for him and incidentally he was supposed to meet this girl at the same cafe he waited for a girl one and half years back. Reluctant he was, but finally he gave in and went to meet her. He sat at the same place waiting for the girl and couldn’t help but stare at the renovated library building. He almost went back to that memory when he was awakened by someone. He knew that that someone was his date and as he turned his head towards her face, a glow so bright ran though his eyes and for a split of a second, like God Himself touches him, he saw Riya. His perplexed look obviously stunned her but the next moment; he came back to his senses. She wasn’t Riya even though her beauty without a doubt was something every guy must have dreamt of. They started having a chat but something, an inexplicable stuff stung him and he excused himself from the date. He took a long breath and went inside the library, he once promised never to step his foot on. Everything inside had changed…new books, new attendant, new structure, new chairs and desks. But as he scanned though various people and stuffs, he noticed one unique thing – the desk where the engravings of the faces of Rishi and Riya was still there intact. Surprised as anyone, and like anyone he asked the library attendant why it was made so. ‘‘I have no idea, Sir. It was instructed by our library head. If you really want to know, you can ask our Head. Take a left from here and the second room is where the Library Head’s office is!


He felt something but strangely as the turn of events took place today, he simply couldn’t understand. He knocked the door of the Library Head. ”Please come in’‘, he heard a voice of a lady. As he walked in, he saw the lady and for that moment, he knew what the touch of an angel meant. He was speechless and all he could manage to do was to stop from shouting out loud. Yup, the lady was Riya! Rishi almost asked all his doubts of how she was alive and all, but Riya looked at him indifferently and asked if she could help him. There was no change of emotion. She was just a normal unknown person responding to some guy the same way as she does to everyone. He was shocked but then he pacified himself thinking that one and half years is too much of a time to change any person’s heart.

Rishi, assuming that she had forgotten his face, asked for the one doubt he had in his mind regarding the desk. She replied, though very much surprised, ” The desk is in memory of a guy by the name Rishi. We still have no idea where the person is, but the girl knows in her heart that he will come someday in search of her because this place is where that girl and guy met for the first time. They were about to..” Rishi stopped her and asked how come the girl was still alive when that guy Rishi saw her dead body in that bomb blast.

What?! Who are you? Do I know you? How come you know about the girl and the blast!?” – Riya’s breaking voice uttered!

‘I’m that guy Rishi who still can’t forget that girl and who has never stopped loving that girl even though all this time he thought the girl was dead”


With tears raining over her cheeks, Riya stood up from her chair and said, ” Is that really you Rishi.!? I almost…almost died but…thanks to an unknown person who donated his blood, I live another day to possibly thank him personally and most importantly to let you know my feelings. That’s why I’m here in this library because I know you will come someday searching for me.

As she finished saying this, she couldn’t help it but try running towards him. She fell down…just like that. That’s when Rishi saw the white cane of Riya. He said nothing. He knew the love bestowed on him and with one simple look of happiness, he kissed her.


Amie’s mom finally concluded the story, “See, it’s a happy ending!” She then opens up an old diary and there it was – secretly hidden piece of paper rather a note she got from Amie’s dad. She gives it to Amie and tells her, ”Rishi is your dad, Amie. And that’s how I met your father!”, says her mom and the tears then simply couldn’t resist as Amie who was silently laying in her mother’s bosom with a smiling face so much glistened with the romantic story she just heard, gets up, sees the note and hugs her mom. She wishes someday, she meets a great guy like her dad.

Someone knocks at the door and Amie runs to get her dad. She hugs him with still tears running down her cheeks. As her mom says nothing but smiles, he understands everything!

PS: Sorry for making this awefully/painfully long. But I just can’t help missing all those small things. Hope you uys enjoy reading.Cheers :


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Ode to a best friend

Posted by Rojit on March 21, 2012

An ecstasy through a stream of tears

As I wandered this treasured memory lane 

Can’t help to be all right like a good actor

‘coz baby, this time I’ve learned to miss you.!  



I whispered to the ears of silence

And when this wind of remorse stopped

I knew the fragrances so long waiting for

coz baby, this time I’ve learned to miss you.! 



Life’s dilemma can such be a divine comedy

To discover the meaning of curse in your absence

And with your memories, boon it has become

coz baby, this time I’ve learned to miss you.! 



The then life so barren would never hope of rains

So much to see a river that dances with your name

But, how long could I stop it from getting dried up

coz baby, this time I know I really really miss you.!

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Adieu to a Life

Posted by Rojit on March 15, 2012

‘You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Love u.!”, exclaimed exactly 2 hours ago, as she was jumping and hopping getting her dream job. And now, she lays there unmoved to cold winter rain, unheard to the heavy sounds of traffic as she sleeps a sleep that knows no awakening!

Being an agnostic guy, he never bothered to acknowledge the temple besides his home but for some reason deeply connected, today he let his forehead coloured just for the sake of her…praying for her. And now, his hands are clutched, blood drenching his shirt and most importantly one could see tears that have now learned never to stop!

There were days he loved the silence but today the silence brought in apart from many other things, tears that once bade goodbye to his life after meeting her. There were times the practical part of him never allowed himself to dream and then there were times, meeting her taught him to colour his life with only dreams because the key to the door that opens from the virtual world to reality was there vividly in every smile of hers!  He once vowed to himself that he wouldn’t allow even an ounce of sadness near her shadows and today with her in his lap, all he could think of is a way of reversing the time and could kiss the death instead of her.

Whenever problems came visited as unwelcomed guest, he would simply touch her fur like hands and just like that the world seemed to be OK again. For the last so many minutes, he has been holding her hands and yet it seems the world is all desolated, lost in time and can’t even find an iota of happiness in under these tiny rain droplets!

It felt like just yesterday when he proposed to her. He spent days toiling hard to rehearse the lines he had to say. He took her out on the best day and with the best red roses from his mother’s garden, he started off with a shivering voice and the heavy words he was about to use then became too heavy to slip out. She was giggling all the time and before he could tell his heart out, she had kissed him and the journey of a beautiful life had just set out. And now, this moment witnesses an end of many things – a life, elixir of smiles, home of happiness, but most importantly his overflowing feelings going in waste with every drop of her blood that joined with the rain drops.

With one last breath flushing out, he kissed her forehead and unknown to the inexplicable emmotions shrouding him, he wiped his last tear, got up, closed his eyes and like a child he was walking down the road and the sound of the horn from a speedy truck soon was soon heard! 

Amidst the enigma of fire, his heart like a little waif, having a yen to fight, has now known to entreat only for quelling his unstationary fate!

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