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WHY I like Devdas !?

Posted by Rojit on February 29, 2012

                                  Who doesn’t wish to have a great love story? Whenever you’ve been given a chance to narrate your own story, how awesome you’ll feel when people get glued to, just by the mere introduction of the girl you love. Dramatically, it should be like the ever-too-fast-emotional girls will say,” Awwww…cho chweet!” The story, as it moves on, shall contain romantic moments (actually plenty), little sacrifices, goosebump instances, funny parts, sensual rendezvous (ahm ahm) and most importantly some petty fights coz a wise man once put, ”Lovers’ quarrel is a renewal of new love!”

Your story may not be like the DDLJ or KKHH or some Korean movies stuff, what really matters at the end of the day is: The part of your own life which you spent with this wonderful girl…was it worth it? Were you fully drunk with happiness being with her? If ever given a chance, would you like to relive those moments?! If yes, congrats you have just added another fan who envies you like hell! 

I too wish to have a love story, a great one which I’ll feel no shame at all narrating to my kids and grandkids and friends on any occasion (with some added masala of course). But the love story I really aspire to have, is that of Devdas! Ya ya..a guy deeply in love with his neighbour, loved her like anything, circumstances leading to break-up and guy finally consuming his life with liquor. But, why Devdas? Well, that’s my blog post for today!

The reasons for anyone to try emulating a love story very close to Devdas, may be plenty but mine is simple as it can get. I watched Devdas movie (Shah Rukh Khan starrer) on my desktop PC in 2001. It was the first movie actually on my late PC. And since then, I’ve been meaning/wanting to have the persona of Mr. Devdas in that movie…talk like him(I’m not bragging if I say I memorized few of his dialogues 😀 ) and of course find a girl like ‘Paaro’ who would love me like anything. My dream continues till that part when Devdas broke up with childhood sweetheart Paaro, met drunkard Chunni Baabu and started drinking for the very first time. There…that’s the part I really want t experience!! I really want to be in that situation: breaking up with I-don’t-know-how-many-years of girlfriend-boyfriend with someone who loves you like anything (remember that ‘diyaa’ Paaro never lets it put out) and then break up owing to some unavoidable painful circumstances and finally holding that glass symbolising elixir of hope. At this point of time when everything seems to go wrong – universe conspiring against me, the favourite songs going sour and hurtful wishes to get my memory formatted. Yup at this point of time, apart from the pain I ‘might’ be suffering, I wanna know that urge to make the best of friends with say, Old Monk.  And after sipping in few pegs, I really want to feel that ’emotions’ of all my brothers who had gone through that stage and then say for myself whether it’s really the break-ups/heart aches that made the wine/rum/vodka/whisky tastier. Just a far fletched weird dream though…!

I think, for a sadist like me, I’ll never go through such a stage but then again, let’s hope not! 


2 Responses to “WHY I like Devdas !?”

  1. Della said

    hahaha.. no proposal from cute girls in the leap year day? 😛

    instead of wanting to be SRK from KKHH or DDLJ.. u wished to be a SHK from Devdas?! just great! hope u never succeed!

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