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I’ll miss my COLLEGE LIFE

Posted by Rojit on February 4, 2012

Saturday,  4th Feb, 2012 will always be remembered in a way I thought would never cross my life. College life finally ends its race and so does the journey of sitting in a class! It’s my last day of being a student sitting in a class. How emotional that is..right?! Screw it…I’m actually very happy. This thing called ‘education’ for almost my entire life till now has consumed many a thing and most important of all is the yen to study! I’ll be better off now..that’s the least i guess.  Yet, I’ll always have something that wil prick my mind and heart whenever this thought of ending class days comes to my mind. I’ll certainly miss many a thing and here I’m with yet another list of stuffs I’ll surely miss.

1. We have always been taught to be ethical but never  could be too ethical to give proxy for attendance of a friend.

2.Paying more than 5L as tuition fees, we certainly can afford a pen, but shall always find it meaningful to borrow from a friend. (I guess I lost more than 15 pens..but that’s OK ! 😀 )

3. The coffee or the five-rupee biscuits taste far better when a friend treats you.

4. The weekend nights would have been so dull had there been no party at the hostel.

5. The cigarette would be just another thing killing these lungs if it wasn’t shared with a friend.

6. The sms sent would be forgotten long way back had it not been sent during the class hours under  professors’ noses.

7. The birthdays celebrated in last two years would go missing in the memory lane had there been no ‘expected’ surprises.

8. The grades the college gave will be lost in time but will always remember the grades down due to attendance shortage.

9. There is no place like class to doze off and one is missing something important in life had he not done ever this before.

10. Studying in FORE SCHOOL of MANAGEMENT, yet there is no place better than IIFT dhaba to have some snacks. Will miss it dearly of all. And yup Ranbir Kapoor once visited this place as well for his promotion for ROCKSTAR!! 🙂

11. Last but not the least, there is no place like college where you make the best of best friends for life and the simple fact is that that there is gonna be a time when only facebook could connect us, but friends will always be most cherished and remembered!

As a friend of mine puts it, lemme end this post with this : “We part to meet and we meet to part !”

Has-ta-la-vis-ta dear friends 🙂


4 Responses to “I’ll miss my COLLEGE LIFE”

  1. della said

    Ahh…Last day of college! I don’t even remember what i did that day but i do missed the ugly dudes which i called friends.. fun days those were. your well written post reminded me of my old life making me miss it.. sob sob sniff… 😛

    • Rojit said

      🙂 sob sob…eche amuk kaphanlaba eina tourise 🙂 ANd yup, no denying..we all miss college days and in week’s time..i’ll break up with this relationship with college life completely :0

  2. Jen said

    LOL! Good for you.Imagine us! I study in a college that permits No mobile phones in campus and also a strict NO-No to any tobacco or drinking habits! As it is we girls so we don’t need them.Despite all the childish rules where girls-guys are not allowed to talk..We had a blast! Used to be real fun ..enjoying with the girls …Girls when flock together is real fun ..obviously when you are in the right company!! 🙂

    • Rojit said

      thanks for dropping by, Jen. And I sorta figure out that u belong to Tamil Nadu right? And i understand the conditions over there. Me, been there for 4 years u see 🙂

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