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Gifted Angel

Posted by Rojit on February 1, 2012

How could an angel, so pure and beautiful with such a big heart, stay amongst us? Shouldn’t she be staying in heaven? I wonder what made her live in this world full of  artificial emotions..!” – With this doubt, I stood there on this said altar where everyone believes Gods do visit, waiting for an answer…an answer that would extirpate this colossal doubt of which side I was standing – a world full of wishes or blessings! The voices came from nowhere and as soothing as they could be, I was taken to a place not yet seen nor talked about before.

The voice started, “When the world had been too engulfed with hatreds and jealousy to see the love and care of a fellow being, then one star of the million ones, the brightest of all with the warmest  heart, couldn’t stand it and did what the stars were not allowed to do : ‘shed a tear’. Disguised as a rain drop, the glowing tear reached the earth transforming itself into a life and that’s how she was born. She is not an angel because angels don’t have the blessings of a star as she does. She is not an angel because she isn’t a messenger of God; she is just someone even angels come to learn from her. She is not an angel because angels need wings to reach to anyone but she needs just a gentle smile to touch each person’s heart. Finally she is not an angel because angels are beautiful; but the word becomes far too meaningless to match her actual beauty.”

There was a moment of silence and I thought it was over. Then there was this sound of clearing throat and again the voice resumed, “As cheerful as anyone can be, she cherishes friendship to such an extent that she always becomes everyone’s confidant. The happiness that she fills her surroundings with her giggles could only make anyone surmise the greatest possibility of her being ‘God’s-own-sent-daughter’. She relishes the success of her friends and at times of difficulty, she spends extra time with them. She is a special girl and her speciality quite often hurt her trying to absorb each and every problem. They say her laughter could cure many illnesses and it won’t amuse me when someday you meet her and all your problems escape just like smokes in thin air.”

This point, I interrupted the voice because I had to..! “What..? Meet her..? How..When? “, I said in a completely happy-yet-exclamatory remark.

*Chuckles* “You still haven’t figured it out?!” *chuckles again*, the voice replied and just like that it was never to be heard of again!

I went back home and just before the sleep, I kept on pondering the words spoken in my head again and again, and somewhere towards a point when I almost gave up with the guess works and then –  a smile slowly played all over my face and that point I knew what I had to know!


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