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Wishes fulfilled?!

Posted by Rojit on January 21, 2012

There I was…just after a heavy meal post X-Mas and wondering what to do in the next seven days, how to celebrate New Year and what kind of resolutions should be made for the coming year and most importantly the wishes, which some we know are hard to be true and some we are pretty confident of. When I was a small..very small kid, I used to pray to God everyday towards the dusk. With an agarbati on one had and lighted candle (or lantern) on the other, I knelt down and prayed to God wishing many things – not to let anyone in my family fall sick, let me pass the exams, tell my dad to buy me a bicycle etc etc. But the one wish I made every time and not just during puja or dusks, went something like – “O God, please don’t let anyone near and dear to me die at all…the grandpas and grandmas in my locality, my relatives, my mom, dad everyone..!” Yup that was something very odd for a 3-4 years old. But that’s how wishes formed a part of my life like everyone else. And in times, I’ve realized how these wishes worked. You just have to follow your instincts and nothing else, not even your heart!

I grew up watching the Mahabharath series, listening to tales of Mahabharath from my dad and granny and even reading comics of them. And I used to wonder if at all Gods do exist and could grant wishes as they did in this longest epic. Actually I still wonder if that could actually happen in this so called “kali yug”. I really wish if it were true. But the hard fact still lies in an open garbage where everyone seems to throw all stuffs there and people will be happy if they find out some very few important things inside of them. 

A succinct and easy interpretation of wishes would be more convenient if we have to assume ourselves still living in a not so artificial world and that goodness shall always persist among our hearts!! There is a thin line between reality and virtual; and wishes are part of us through which we sometimes climb up to that level of virtual being, be happy or pissed off there and in the final, reality always catches hold of simple as that!

The ultimatum: it’s part of being human that wishes come to us but it’s part of being what kind of human that we could accept them no matter what the outcome is!


2 Responses to “Wishes fulfilled?!”

  1. della said

    nice one.. i still have many wishes still now… u thought that deeply on a Christmas eve that too after a heavy meal? hahaha..

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