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2012 New Year Eve

Posted by Rojit on January 1, 2012

I haven’t slept the entire year till now. Well that’s possible simply because India celebrated New Year’s Eve just 4 hours before and I’m still wide awake. The night has now become much crackers…no messages. And here I’m with plenty of things running through my mind and too bad I can’t let each and everything out on this blog post not because it’s too personal and stuffs but because I’m not so normal with 2 beer bottles and a ‘OD’ing with a heavy dinner of chicken..a spicy one! My facebook  wall is full of “Happy New Year ” wishes from people of all over India, be it Manipur, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc etc. And I keep on pondering, amid the cheerful and gleeful messages everyone is spreading on this auspicious day, the things that happened a year before i.e., in 2011. Many renowned people have perished last year, natural disasters were at the peak, various countries changing the hands for power, economic crisis, deaths and plenty of deaths, placements, few important people coming in my life, shedding a heavy load off my shoulder towards the end of the year etc. But still, this life can never be complacent specially when there is every reason to frown over. May be that’s why resolutions are made – to change old habits or do the needful things in life. I’ve never made any resolution in my life and may be this new year teaches me something. I constructed herein some resolutions which I think I can manage to fulfill provided another 365 days of life are still in store with me.

1. My previous facebook status clearly says that no matter what the resolution will be, none will be as close to as saying something like – “I’ll stop torturing my liver/lungs, I’ll be a Veg and  I hate ds single life!” Yup, sorry Mom but that’s true.

2. This year, I’ll surely share a few pegs of drinks with my Dad. Let’s see how it turns out. Hopefully I’ not kicked out of the home.

3. This 3rd point will be slightly controversial and perhaps I may become a laughing stock. But I feel this year, I might quench this long drought of ‘being single’. Wish I don’t get one eye-shaped, almost bald, drunkard! 😀

4. If possible, I wanna get back to the old Rojit that my family used to know not the new guy who has been putting on some unknown mask for the past 10 years or so.

5. I’ll try to consume very very less alcohol this year and the years ahead as a very good friend of mine believes that I could! Plus, I’ll try to stop drinking raw/neat/dry whatever you call.

6. I’ll donate a few sum of rupees (I mean very few..hehe) somewhere for a very good cause this year.

7. This should be the last. We’ll start with just 7..!Hopefully I’ll have 50 more instances where I could make NY resolutions. My last resolution will be : Live till midnight of Dec 31, 2012, then raise the Old Monk and say “Cheers to mankind and Screw you Mayans or rather the Mayan prophecy of the end of World !!

That’s all folks. Wishing everyone a peaceful new year with full of happiness, success, love and good health!!


2 Responses to “2012 New Year Eve”

  1. Amrita Roy said

    Haha! 7 Resoultions is a lot man!!! I have just made one and finding hard to stick to it
    Kudos to resolution no.4, , in some ways our older selves were much better than the present ones 🙂

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