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10 Theories after marriage!

Posted by Rojit on January 24, 2012

Every occasion in our life, and we can see changes…in fact sea of changes some good, and some we regret. Marriage is something which everyone, I mean practically everyone, says will change the entire face of your life and it’s hard, I mean really hard, to see people talking seriously good things about it. Apart from a few things which are pretty obvious, I myself don’t see much of better things than the single life. Nevertheless, for a guy completely new for that world, let me postulate some theories about marriage…may be my own marriage. PS: And gals, please don’t turn your back on me after reading this!!:P 

1. Firstly, after marriage I believe a guy will definitely cry within 5 days or a month or a year after marriage! It’s what we call ‘inevitable’
2. For once after the marriage, the guy will tell his frends rather bachelors how pathetic life has become after marriage.
3. U gotta lie. Yup, that’s the motto! Someone says, in a beautifully quoted words, ” It’s better to get hurt with honest answers rather than be happy with lies..!” Screw that..! I believe a perfect marriage always stands on a base so strong built with lies! Imagine an honest couple being honest on the night of their wedding – ‘suhaag raat’ telling everything about their EX’s! That’s a pure LOL!
4. Negotiation skills will be boosted up like anything. Consider the person who has loved you like anything since the day you said Hi’ to this world and the other person whom you’ve vowed to love for the rest of your life. That’s the classic ‘Saans-Bahu’ rivalry! One is certainly the luckiest not because he has the most caring and loving wife, but because his wife and Mom get along with each other!
5. And ya, if you are not ready for a child, but still you have to be ready for that moment when your wife whispers in your ear and says,”Honey, I’m pregnant!” You might not be ready ‘at all’ considering your financial positions and some blah blah shits, but I guess one surely needs to act happy..I mean the happiest!
6. If you are not the ‘bhaiya’ or ‘brother’ type, I guess you must be ready to accept the fact that on the day of your marriage, you are not taking vows to marry one girl and love her till the end of your life! In fact, you’re taking promises to see each and every other girl as your sister! Case closed for you!
7. My theory number 7 is a hard core truth which every guy must take full note of. You gotta be really strong and supportive, friendly and many other things in the list of a perfect husband when your wife (assuming your marriage’s validity has become life-time) goes throught the stage of ‘menopause’! No idea what thia is!? You better know it beforehand and start preparing from now on!
8. I belive that of all the must-do-things in marriage, one, which I personally feel the most important, is certainly – to say how beautiful she looks..a many many times as you can! But that doesn’t mean: early in the morning, you wake up half-asleep and say,” Huney-bun, *yawning* You look beautiful” and then…Zzzzzz! One does have to know the timings and stuffs to say such simple things and a successful marriage will teach you everything!
9. I guess this point is needless to say yet there might be various intepretations for this. There is never a right answer for any problem after marriage. For instance, if the curry prepared by your lovely wife too salty to even eat it’s not the fault of your wife. You must have done something to piss her off in the first place. Best advice as given by elders : always smile when she talks and assume she’s right all the time!! As simple as that 😛

10. All marriages don’t result into fights and disappointments. Some marriages are successful like anything like my parents. So, there are lots to learn from just love and care – sacrifices, commitments etc to name a few. But, if one has loved someone so much then the very fact that he/she wasn’t with your life before they meet each will always be something he will say – I wish I had met her earlier! Cheers to all married couples in this world.


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Wishes fulfilled?!

Posted by Rojit on January 21, 2012

There I was…just after a heavy meal post X-Mas and wondering what to do in the next seven days, how to celebrate New Year and what kind of resolutions should be made for the coming year and most importantly the wishes, which some we know are hard to be true and some we are pretty confident of. When I was a small..very small kid, I used to pray to God everyday towards the dusk. With an agarbati on one had and lighted candle (or lantern) on the other, I knelt down and prayed to God wishing many things – not to let anyone in my family fall sick, let me pass the exams, tell my dad to buy me a bicycle etc etc. But the one wish I made every time and not just during puja or dusks, went something like – “O God, please don’t let anyone near and dear to me die at all…the grandpas and grandmas in my locality, my relatives, my mom, dad everyone..!” Yup that was something very odd for a 3-4 years old. But that’s how wishes formed a part of my life like everyone else. And in times, I’ve realized how these wishes worked. You just have to follow your instincts and nothing else, not even your heart!

I grew up watching the Mahabharath series, listening to tales of Mahabharath from my dad and granny and even reading comics of them. And I used to wonder if at all Gods do exist and could grant wishes as they did in this longest epic. Actually I still wonder if that could actually happen in this so called “kali yug”. I really wish if it were true. But the hard fact still lies in an open garbage where everyone seems to throw all stuffs there and people will be happy if they find out some very few important things inside of them. 

A succinct and easy interpretation of wishes would be more convenient if we have to assume ourselves still living in a not so artificial world and that goodness shall always persist among our hearts!! There is a thin line between reality and virtual; and wishes are part of us through which we sometimes climb up to that level of virtual being, be happy or pissed off there and in the final, reality always catches hold of simple as that!

The ultimatum: it’s part of being human that wishes come to us but it’s part of being what kind of human that we could accept them no matter what the outcome is!

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Reminiscing a life

Posted by Rojit on January 18, 2012

He flushed out his impatient breath and this time he didn’t say 0 (zero) as he made the countdown from 10 for the seventh time. Something, he does all the time when he is waiting for some good things to happen! He gazed through the glass, searching for the person, rather the only hope, he believes he is living his not so grand life for. He was asked yet again to remain seated, but nowhere in his mind he had his sanity of a sound mind. He knew not what to say and neither did he have any clue how Ricky was gonna react.

The shame being on this side of the glass was one part of him hindering him from this meeting arranged though his repetitive request. And on the other side, his love for his son couldn’t stop him from starring through the glasses wondering when the free world would be felt again! 

And just like that, the image appeared and the first thing he noticed was his eyes and there wouldn’t be a single person to deny the fact that the kid’s mom was still alive, in his eyes! He was elated and yet a small wind of guilt conscience simply couldn’t but touch his face. 

The lawyer whispered something in his son’s ear and then he looked at his dad and called ‘Dad’ for the first time in his life. It took him a moment to realise what he had just heard wasn’t one of the many dreams he had built on! His whole life’s baggage full of wrong deeds seemed to collapse and with the heaviest drop of tear, a thing he thought never existed, that ran down and he became a completely new guy! He was speechless and for the next few moments, all he could harness to do was – simply look at his 6 year old son without a morsel of word spoken! The guard over the counter signalled him that time would be up any moment.

Next second he pulled out all his energy and said, ”Son, if ever I could change my past, it would have to be the day I left you and your mother! I won’t beg for forgiveness because I’m not worthy of, but any time in your life if you need something which no one else could give, I will not have a second thought giving it to you! I’ve always loved you and I’ll always pray to the Almighty for you not to become a person like me.!” The guard again signalled to him he got less than 5 minutes. And he realized he was still looking at his son without a word spoken. He was talking to himself in his mind. Finally, he chatted with his son asking about his school, favourite food, colour etc.  The alarm finally rang and the lawyer again whispered something to Ricky’s ear. ”Bye bye daddy!”, the son finally said and left.  He just had the happiest day of his life and with an experience never felt before, he went inside to spend his remaining 7 years of imprisonment.

Years later, Ricky, with his left hand over his heart, and the other hand caressing his daughter’s hair, asks, ”Do you know what your grandpa gave to me?”

Daughter: Daddy, is it chocolate?

Ricky makes a gentle smile, and looks at the picture of his dad hanging on the wall, and with his hand still on his heart and kisses his daughter’s forehead and then tells to himself, ”Your grandpa will be always in your daddy’s heart and someday, you’ll understand, baby..someday!” And then yet again, the flashback went, this time, to that day when he had his heart surgery!

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