Gambling with Life

Screw others, always be ready to place the bet !

A thing of beauty

Posted by Rojit on December 29, 2011

as sitting there and across the hallway, he lighted up his probably 4th cigarette. And as usual, he made just the faintest smile at me as if he must, knowingly the anxiety over his face couldn’t be hidden at all. I thought of having a chat with him trying to comfort him or rather myself, but the very thought that he might like to be alone stopped me, yet again. His eyes kept track of anyone coming out of the room. Almost standing halfway, he would be again asked not to worry. His mobile phone monotone, a tune of some puja, sometimes rang and still, he somehow managed to be indifferent to it, not caring to pick up the calls.

With a long breath, he finished the last puff. His hands were coarse and his somewhat shabby clothes vividly showed he had come running from his workplace. The torn sandals must have tales to tell of how it failed him with all those small injury marks all over his feet. The sweats which had already vamoosed by then let me surmise that he indeed ran a few distances.

At last, a lady with a mask came out of the room and upon seeing her he sprung from his seat. With eyes already drenched with anxiety, he pressed his locket that seemed to me a small figure of Lord Krishna and waited for the lady to speak. I heard nothing but could grasp it when the guy exulted with happiness tried to touch the lady’s feet. The moment had come and Another lady then came out giving him the tiny little creature and, he with all tears, embraced the little creature which by then started crying!

I just witnessed a momentary weighing of life and death with the latter not able to find its prey. With every reason that the report in my hand could give to break me in to pieces, I just smiled at myself and left!


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