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The not so ‘ME’

Posted by Rojit on December 3, 2011

Sometimes, though being on this side of the road where I believe life blossoms every moment, yet I wonder what it’s like to be on that side. Every other person I meet who has been there, I somehow construe the feelings as something I really don’t need and sometimes the pain inflicted left me mock at those who needlessly have been trying to swim across the other side! I wonder where the fine line that demarcates happiness and sadness sometimes stretches to the extent where I couldn’t imagine and sometimes I search everywhere just to realize I have been standing on it. How does it feel like holding the hands of the girl you love the most? Chatting for hours about the most secretive feelings and the warmth of sharing transferred through her hands making you all new guy. I do wonder when I do it, I shall try to take away each and every tear she may have hidden.
Someday, I’ll hug someone with all my heart so that at least for those moments, I’ll try telling that no matter the world comes sour, this person hugging you will always stand by you. The feelings will always change and for that someone I know the change shall bade the adjectives like diminishing, decreasing or receding! And when her emotions boil up to that stage where her tears just can’t stop running down, I wanna feel like what kissing someone is all about. Is that reassuring the beliefs u have instilled in her or is it when the words have just finished doing their part. The purity of it won’t cease to leave me with even more greater respect for her. The moment will come, when the tears will finish, when the happiness shall leave a permanent mark on you, when you believe that I…that I’m not at all a bad guy, and this moment I’ll treasure in the sweetest corner of my life and the atheist in me shall defy all deities to deify you for the rest of my life!!

Yup, yup I agree folks, this is not so ME!!


2 Responses to “The not so ‘ME’”

  1. amrita roy said

    Wow! and men do exist!
    Off late I had come to thnk that is just a farce.

    Anyway , I remember your comment on my blog a month back saying “Can’t help noticing that from2008 till 2011,your posts number has been falling by exactly 12. Hope you change this year ”

    New post is up and about, thanks for the encouragement > 🙂

  2. Rojit said

    lol…thanks for the comment. And yup my kind of ‘men’ are really few 😛

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