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Posted by Rojit on November 12, 2011

The day is special and the clock right now shows 3 minutes past 11 pm as I’m staring at the wall thinking of what to write this moment. I thought of doing some crazy stuffs today owing to the bandwagon created by the so called… ( leave it..who cares what we call them) about the number today i.e., 11.11.11. I don’t know why there’s so much fuss about this. It’s actually 11.11.2011 right? As if the theories generated by these ‘fucktards ‘ are too important. Hello fucktards, there was already a day like 11.11.1111 in the human’s life time period. And there isn’t anything happened on that day just like today. Taking this beautiful date, I’m making this blog entry with 11 such things to see in my life before I bade good-bye to this evil world. The 11 such things are of course non-existent as of now but may be, there will be a time when human generations might witness it. Without wasting much of the time, here I’ve enlisted the 11 almost impossible yet beautiful imaginations.

1. First of all, I would like to mention scientific invention based on which sci-fi movies have already been made. It’s one of my favorite dreams as well and plenty of discussions had been dedicated to this in my childhood days and engineering days as well. It’s “TIME MACHINE..!”

How I really wish to travel in such a machine. If I ever get a chance to travel the first ‘time’ I will go will be the start of the 17th century to see how Mumtaz Mahal looks like. How beautiful does she look like in person for whom Taj Mahal was built.!

2. At least once in my life I want to do something with all my heart and determination and that will be kicking Justin Beiber’s ass as hard as I can. Why? I just don’t know. He is too much of a nuisance to the music world and I can’t bear it. Sorry to all his fans, but this is my day and my blog.

3. Two movies which I really wanna see which is not made. May be it may never be produced also. The films are “Origin of the RING”(ring as in LOTR) and “Captain Jack Sparrow’s story (how he became that little bit insane yet awesome guy)

4. A day in the world of mankind where the science is that developed that Liver, lungs and kidney will be available in abundance and there won’t be any issue replacing them..! That way I’ll be…no need to mention. It’s pretty clear I guess. *chuckles*

5. Would there be a day when I’ll avail the golden chance of speaking to the whole world LIVE. I wanna convey my thoughts to the masses and this blog won’t be enough. It’s OK it’s just one of the wishes too hard to be fulfilled.

6. I know I’m an atheist but somewhere in my mind, after watching the Mahabharat series, Ramayana, Greek mythology series etc I wish to see Gods on this earth. I mean the real Gods who can do wonders, fly here and there and grant wishes to everyone. Ya ya, I really wanna see them even if I have to go for years of praarthana or devotion to them. I really mean it, fellas. Adding to the above point, well who won’t wish to see ANGELS. I saw an ad in TV recently for AXE deodorant where angels were falling from heaven just because they can’t resist the smell of it. Awesome one! I don’t wanna use that deodorant, but just a confirmation that if I’m a good guy, angels will for sure fall for me..! How I wish !!

7. What if there is a device to know instantly if the girl in front of you is speaking a lie or not. Wow..! No couple can cheat each other. Corruption will be at the lowest. No court to judge someone..hehe. I badly need to use such a device to be a lie-hunter!!

8. I’m being too selfish. Let me add a point for all the masses around the globe. I hope, before this life finishes its race, to see a vaccine against HIV, cancer or any fatal disease.

9. For once in my life, I wanna be there at least once to these beautiful places on earth : highest – summit of Mount Everest, deepest: Challenger deep of Mariana Trench, Arctic and Antarctic tip points, hottest – Dallol (Ethiopia), coldest – Oymyakon (Russia). And there, I wanna take pictures and upload them in facebook. 😀

10. If you have ever seen the Movie Jumper, then the 10th item is all about the technology or power used in that movie. That way, vehicles shall be used in important purposes only. Fuels saved, pollution highly reduced… (see) too many advantages for human being!

11. Last item has always been my favorite thing I would like to use it or know. I must be around 6-7 years old when I used to ponder about how human beings could have a dream. I always thought if at all there could be an instrument to record one’s dreams both visual and sound. I can’t imagine how great that would be or sometimes embarrassing (I hope u know what I mean) Just a wish though..!

That’s it. It’s almost 12 midnight and I guess nothing unusual happened on this day. Cheers all.


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