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Seven wonders in my life

Posted by Rojit on November 9, 2011

First thing first: Which one would you treasure more – Mom’s smile or a visit to Taj Mahal? 

My granny told me that when I was born, I cried extra lot than normal babies leading into a frenzied environment like a Bollywood movie where my family were sorta horrified if I wouldn’t make it or not. But somehow I made it (must be due to the cute nurse) and till now, I’ve been through various stages sometimes making my family proud, at times letting them down. But I’m happy for everything my family has given me, something you just don’t inked with paper. And this life has given me lots of stuffs some took my breath away, some making me equally perplexed, and some unanswered questions, some making into the wonders of life. Today, I have picked up seven such wonders in my life and they are pure and all that the seven stuffs or people have done are other marvels when I gotta choose them.


1. First all, with all of heart I feel that this must be in everyone’s list as well. ‘Mother is one word that could be linked closest to the definition of God. Parents are ”meet na uba lai ni” i.e, ‘visible Gods’ As a child when I grew up, I always wonder how much hardship one mother has to face from day 0 till the last day perhaps. How many sacrifices she had to make, hurtful words to hear just for her child despite being the Heart of the family as well. I love my mom as everyone does and so did Napoleon Bonaparte who said,”Give me a good mother, I’ll give you a nation”

2. Drinks/smoking: have u ever observed how often one shares his cigarette without thinking much to even a stranger. It’s not odd to see someone asking for a light to a complete stranger. Whereas it’s almost not a normal thing to ask someone for a share of puri he was eating or idli. Honestly, it sorta unites the guys. U go to a party and get to know new people. The rate at which u get along with an unknown friend suddenly shoots up and those small barriers which usually often come across anyone making new friends get eliminated. Of course I’m never encouraging this thing (drinking/smoking is injurious to health..right?) but all I’m struck by this wonder is the very undenying fact of how a small drink and smoke could bring people together!! I recommend all those teetotallers and guys who have never been high on smokes, please make it an entry in ur  -’30 things to do before I die’ list!   

3.  The 3rd is a special one which amazed me like I was never amazed the first time I came across him in youtube leaving me with goose bumps all over. His name is Nick Vujicic. I won’t describe who he is and how he makes living. U gotta watch..u must watch his video here. It’s just emotionally wonderful to know a person like him who despite so many difficulties seemingly impossible has somehow found a new way of looking at life in such a beautiful way. Hats off to him.

4. Have you ever experienced in your so many years of life a ‘smile‘ that you can never forget?! A smile so beautiful that has indelibly carved a place in your memory? A smile that always pops up even at some of the worst times ever and helping you leave in the end a curve in your face! Yes, there is such a smile in my life and the person who is accountable for even though has nothing to do with this present or future life of mine, but shall always be in my list of people whom I can never cease to respect! I saw her (ya ya she is a ‘she’) smile in one of the mathematics tuition centers in class X towards the start of year 2001. It was surreal. Both my friend and I saw the smile simultaneously and the next moment I said to him, ”Did you just see that?” Even though he too saw that heavenly smile, I guess it had this everlasting effect on me only that even after more than 10 years, I still smile at myself recalling that moment which froze for me to let me have a glimpse of what eternity resembled! The little coif of her hair was all drooling down due to the dew of the early Manipur winter morning. She was using a compass in this geometry class and I just happened to look at her (she was sitting to the right side opposite to us) and it was that moment that she raised her head. Her eyes arrested mine and for a split of second I felt ecstasy drenching me from top to bottom. She knew at that moment that I wasn’t able to stop swimming in her eyes that she finally put her eyes down. But the little coincidence already had built one of my pillars of happiness!


5. If you think the next point is gross or let’s say ‘euwww’ then I believe somewhere the evolution has transformed you into someone very close to the definition of a robot. It’s the power of ‘farting‘. Now, anyone reading this would surely wanna argue with me regarding this. But, fellas in my seven wonders I have enlisted this because of its sheer power it has upon human beings. How many of you have heard of stories (or even personal experience) where you have been embarrassed because of an unintentional fart which caught you from nowhere. Whether you are amongst friends or not, in a class or a meeting or inside a metro, it doesn’t matter. When you are caught, that’s where the crux of the matter lies. You are literally fucked!! Remember those days inside the class when you accidentally farted without anyone’s knowledge. Now, there would be a time period which, to you, is the most important time period after which you would anticipate a foul smell. And that’s where your adroit nature comes into play by first keeping your handkerchief to your nose and searching for a ‘bakra’ or ‘scapegoat’ so that you could tell everyone that he did it…right?

The moral of the story is that such a thing unknowingly teaches us how to cheat and lie because the fact that you admitting to everyone that you farted will be something you’ll never ever do, come what may! 🙂

6. And how could I forget my grandma? She is and will always be in my seven wonders of my life. She is a typical Manipuri woman, soft-spoken, highly introvert, beautiful of course and most importantly hard working person. She is the mother of 6. I must admit that all her sons and daughters plus my mom had the so called golden chance of beating me at some point in their life but my granny till date had never beaten me up though I deserved a lot of thrashings in my childhood days. That’s my granny. Whenever she tries to get a small nap, I knew from her sound sleep the ages of sacrifices and commitments she made. And her old lean neck which couldn’t hide the movement of blood sometimes let me ponder how void this life shall be with her gone. I guess the only reason I ever wanna go home is to meet her, talk with her about the cricket, watch IPL or EPL together, argue sometimes about eating Non-Veg (as she is a vegetarian), watching Discovery channel, helping her in her weaving work, help her in planting vegetables, and in winter share the warmth of the burning coal to which she always says to me, ” In life, the fire; in death, the fire..!”  I must say with those beautiful memories I have with her, I’m thankful to the Almighty for giving me an angel in the form of my granny and who is the only person I have come across in my mind the most..!

7. The last but not the least is the power of ‘dreams‘. Limitless is human’s desires and that’s how dreams are introduced to human kind so that some percentage of solace could be attained through it. Be it daydream or night dream, it’s always a nice feeling. Screw those psychologist of dream specialist telling about different interpretations of dreams making it more scientifically and artificial as well. Dreams, to me, should be random and surprising. Plenty of times I have had a dream inside another dream. Some dreams do go to the drain and some always residing in this memory. I remember in my class X board exam when I dreamt of me being a superman. But somehow towards the end, I couldn’t fly at all. Then there was this dream when I kissed an unknown girl and the same girl again came to another dream like a continuation. Lots to cite but the important stuff is that somewhere in our subconscious mind, things which we really desire or wish do, come in our dreams making us happy at least for that duration.


That’s all folks. I leave this blog entry with this line, “In life, we shall laugh, we shall cry, we shall fall in love, we shall dream and most importantly, we should fill it with more wonders!”


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