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A ticket to heaven?

Posted by Rojit on October 9, 2011

Does heaven do exist?

What in this span of life which is alreay past 30%, I happen to get a ticket from heaven? An intimidation rather from the so called God that after my death I’ll be there in heaven for sure!! Should I be happy? Shout it loud!? Cry? Tell everyone? No first two reactions would be :

1. Am I gonna fucking die today?

2. Or is this some kinda hoax?

3. But most importantly, I shall now be extra conscious about what the F heaven looks like?

Human beings are mortal and that’s ok if any time in my life, I get a ticket like this. The only concern that shall hit me is that I haven’t yet done anything as such (to say in a financial jargon) to decrease my liabilities! But for a moment let’s wander into that wonderland and assume there is a thing called ‘heaven.’ I heard that in a Muslim belief that those who carry out goodwill stuffs in their life (for instance the suicide bombers) they will go up there in heaven where 72 virgins shall be waiting for him. Now honestly I don’t want that even though highly tempting! Who knows I might not be possessing physical STUFFS after reaching there. Thing is that as a small child grown up in a fantasy world I had often surmised what a heaven should look like. It will be surreal of course but how great!? Believe me or no since my childhood days, I had these 3 postulates regarding heaven and stuff:

1. First thing first, I thought Heaven wouldn’t be up there in space or sky. It’s here on the earth but living on a parallel universe. We can’t see them and they can’t see us. It’s like every raw material on this earth right now is just the Ctrl+C for the heaven part.

2. Secondly, all the dead people must be there ins some universe some millions of light years away from this milky way such that any technology of human cannot reach there. That’s possible right! And they won’t be like special people. They will be like us only and couldn’t find out if there is any place on this universe where life is there. ..possible right?

3. Thirdly, as a child watching those funny Mahabharata series and other folk stories, I can’t leave this part. It might be possible that, heaven is there in some abode defying Newton’s lay of Gravity (science doesn’t apply in heaven..right?) with Gods wearing jewelleries and some dhoti type, no winter season as such, beautiful ladies dancing, wines everywhere, flying facility anywhere, weeds etc!! (damn tempting hunh?) except any rock music, concerts, internet, facebook, BMWs, superbikes, porn movies and the list goes on!!

I think no matter what, the concept of heaven is the nicest of all to let someone (who believes in it) direct in the path of righteousness and perhaps doing deeds of human values. I’ll die someday, and all I wish is to have these friends I have met in my entire life and my families. Life, though an average of 80 years, has such a short meaning when one really contemplates over the possibilities of abrupt it might face that Red signal. All it matters is the end is how great you have lived you life ‘ethically.’ and how do I define the last word? To me, I belief I should never be the reason of someone’s tear no matter what I have achieved or almost achieving!


The best thing as of now: Steve Jobs must be there already…plus those 70’s and 80’s rock stars..! Let’s hope they don’t go away with that rebirth shit!

Last but not the least, how can I leave this song when I’m talking some craps about heaven.

Eric Clapton’s “” Cheers..! \m/


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