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A Letter to God!

Posted by Rojit on September 25, 2011

Dear God,

When I was a kid, to be precise below 3 years old, and started listening to tales, one guy always stood out different from the rest of all. And I was like – this guy’s awesome. That’s how I became your greatest fan! Years have passed, things have changed and I now somehow become an atheist, by choice or let’s say as per your Lilaa (script).

Assuming that there is God for sure (just for this blog post) and that He won’t punish me for this freedom of expression I have got, I want to request you, dear Almighty to consider the following points. I’ve listed in here just 10 points so that you won’t find them boring. And if you don’t understand english, please let me know. I’ll try translating in the language you are comfortable with. Or my advice : Use google translator! 😛

1. First and foremost, please please make my liver, lungs and heart very very strong for many  more years. Screw other parts, but please bless these parts. 

2. I’ve always dreamt of the princess of my life coming to me riding on a horse in a twilight and saving me from the clutches of life’s agonies. Please don’t take away that dream even though I might sound gay or let’s put this way – less male. Who cares, it’s my life right?!

3. Pardon me friends and people for this next wish which might lead you to judge me as a stingy guy. But, dear God I’ve entreated to you many a time and even wrote in my school magazine but to no avail. The friend of mine who owed me 20 bucks in 2002 still hasn’t returned me back my money. This time, do some jaadoos or whatever ir your repertoire of classy acts you could think of. I want my 20 bucks back!!

4. If possible, please reduce the price of Garlic breadstick!

5. If given a chance of becoming a superhero, I would like to book my place for SuperMan or if asked to choose amongst the X-Men characters, please let me become Magneto and no other.!

6. Okay okay, I have been too selfish requesting all for myself. So, the next wish goes for all the people on this earth – peace, green environment, good economy, corruption free, healthy life for everyone, and some more blah blah blah. Please stop laughing…I know I know it’s impossible considering the fact that we human have become so selfish and inhuman.

7. In case you haven’t fixed a specific date for my departure from this sinful world, please let me live for at least another decade more. I know, U also know –  my parents were not wise investors to invest that much amount on ME, but I just wanna make sure the ROI (Return On Investment) is more than expected before I left this world!

8. The 100th ton which Sachin is gonna make in the near future..could you please make it as a match winning one? Else it’ll get meaningless.

9. Let me have the divine opportunity to travel to at least 50 different countries and possibly taste atleast 50 different wines available there. And in one of them, I really wanna watch a WWE match LIVE.

10. Lastly, come on God, 2012 and world destruction..!! ? That’s a joke right? Please make sure it remains a joke only. Else, inform me somehow…come in my dreams, send me an anonymous letter, tweet me or whatever…but please..!! 

 Hastalavista God.

Yours truly,

Rojit Irom


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Are YOU happy?

Posted by Rojit on September 7, 2011

Amid this tight schedule of end term exams, I somehow had this urge to jot down today a few things which crossed my mind all because of today’s Delhi Blast. It’s not like – if there hadn’t been any blast, I wouldn’t have written this post. I have been having this thought for the past so many years. Today’s just an apt time, I suppose, to let go of these thoughts in writings. What happened in Delhi at High Court is not something we Indians would be dumbstruck. We somehow have managed not to make great deal out of it. Reason : the frequency of such an incident has been on an exponential rise..! And it’s not something we should be proud of ! 11 people were killed and 76 more  injured from that blast as of 7:34PM, 7th Sept, ’11. Media was all around, every channel showing almost the same footage. Then come the Politicians who say – “I condemn such an act of cowardice.” (Who cares…?! Anyone shall condemn the blast) Police investigations pouring in, showing new results to the public via the media, sketches of suspects being released. Then came the talks of who was the mastermind behind the blasts and all sorts of things shall happen…at least for the next 2-3 days. Some months later, another blast will again occur..this time by some other group or the same one. But in the end, it’s the people who are losing their lives, right!?

I was looking at my twitter timeline and these news sites were tweeting about various incidents taking place around the world. IBNlive, Reuter, ndtv etc and  all I knew reading from those tweets was that people are dying everyday and not in a normal way. Be it Pakistan bomb blasts or Russian plane crash or whatever reasons, people…thousands of them are dying everyday. Whom are we gonna blame? Government, terrorist organisations or ourselves. What’s that we can do to change the way things are happening around this world?

My grandma always tells me to pray for God every time I wake up in the morning or am about to sleep, whenever i have some problems and all. And I believe most of the people around the world are doing that if not everyday, at least once in a week or so. If someone asks me what I pray then I believe it’s almost same as everyone’s – good health of family, success in whatever we do, peace in the world, getting good marks, jobs or even girlfrens. Many of these prayers are answered almost  everyday and for some, taking extra time. That’s why even though misfortunes are knocking our door uninvited yet there are plenty of people in this world who are very happy, who never had to undergo the sadness of a close person having an accident or death. My question for this post is – Are YOU happy?

Are you happy that somewhere you are alive on this planet and never have a misfortune of being in a bomb blast like today’s? Are you happy that your prayers some years back were listened to by this guy called God and that you are doing now just fine? Are you happy that, your near and dear ones are healthy today to live life to the fullest? I believe that no one can be happy just because shits are not happening to their life as of now. Those people who lost their lives today may be praying the same prayers we prayed today, wishing for the same happiness like we do and hoping for some great things to happen to their lives like we do to ours. We might be in their shoes someday but  why them and not us for today. Karma?!  There ain’t any shit like that happening. If there is a guy called God, then I believe He is really meaning to torture each and every one of us.

The definition of happiness, wishes, prayers shouldn’t end with the good things happening in and around just us, but also they ought to be part of those who are dying today and everyday. But somewhere the selfishness has grown into the heart of each and every human being that we have become too artificial and heartless not pondering what’s happening around the world. Whether it’s bomb blasts, plane crash, train derailing, accidents, war or anything. Thing is children..people..human beings are dying everyday and we are doing nothing.

So have a deep thought someday and ask this question – Are you really happy, today?  Don’t we really need a change?

NB:- This is the unedited version. So, please don’t mind for any grammar mistakes. Peace \m/

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