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Referring to 3rd Umpire?

Posted by Rojit on August 20, 2011

Even though my whole blog has been revolving round the human’s emotions and stuffs, yet today I felt that I should try deviating at least once from this main field. I’m a huge sports enthusiast and cricket has always been my passion. So, let e share my thoughts today about a cricket rule or rather culture I’ve noticed throughout the ages and which I feel shouldn’t be continued. 3rd Umpire has been a huge boon to the cricketing world by trying to help cricket be played based on truth and not just on ‘I-think-so or I-feel-so’ But, let me refer to a condition we often see in a cricket match be it ODI or T20 or even test match. Before this, I assume everyone knows the very fact that time is an important factor for any cricket match to be played because of the live coverage being given by sports channel and others. Millions of money are being poured into a successful airing of any International match and the management has always keen keen to provide the best possible live entertainment. The condition I mentioned here is – imagine a batsman hits the ball and the fielder tries to stop it before it could be reached to boundary, but already the batsmen have completed 2 runs. Plenty of such a thing should have been seen a lot. Now the problem for the umpire is to check whether the ball has reached the boundary or not, or the fielder has touched the boundary rope while attempting to save the boundary. SO, naturally the on field umpires refer to the 3rd umpire asking whether it’s a boundary or not. It must be noted here that regardless of the fact that it’s a boundary or not, the same batsman will face the same bowler (provided it’s not the end of over). And it’s seen that the 3rd umpire does take a lot of ‘time’ (remember I mention of time’s significance which is even more in a test match) replaying again and again and finally  announcing whether it is a boundary or just 2 runs because he has to be nearest to perfection..right?  

My question is: Is it really necessary for the whole match to pause for a while and wait for the 3rd umpire to announce his verdict? Of course, I’m not  talking about those situations where, the batsman is very near to a landmark(50 or 100), or the match is nearing towards a nail biting finish. No such thing. I believe that the match should still go on regardless of whether it’s a boundary or not coz the score will be updated in the next 2-3 balls to be bowled and which won’t affect the way the game was still on process. It can never be an issue for the game of cricket, I suppose. Think about it..! 


One Response to “Referring to 3rd Umpire?”

  1. sowmiyaa said

    ya u r rite Rojit….but do u think people hav the patience to kno it after 2 to 3 balls by refering the score? no rite? they wanna kno if it was a boundary or not the very moment itself irrespective of the situation (i mean to say whether nail bitin situation or a normal one)…to be frank….ur point is rite….so y not the cricket council think over it?

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