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Violent love – perfect oxymoron?!

Posted by Rojit on August 14, 2011

It’s one of those random thoughts that creeps to my mind and makes me smile just by thinking about it. Imagine a serious and romantic part of a movie where the hero and the heroine are sitting on a beach under the full moon night. With gentle breeze playing with the girl’s hair and the boy looks at his girl who unknowingly has been trying to keep her hair straight. The roaring emotions come out from the boy side ( I wonder why it always comes from boys’ side) and he makes his honesty filled speech to his girl with unfathomable magnitude of love. It goes like – Mein tere liya chaan taaren todh ke leh aawun ga (I’ll break the moon & stars into pieces and shall bring it for you), Mein zameen aasmaan ek kar dunga tere liye (I’ll bring down the heaven for you), Mein tere liye duniya bulaa dunga (I’ll forget the world for you). Such are the common speeches one always finds in every guy’s mind whenever we think of how much a guy loves a girl. Also the award winning song from Veer Zaara says – Tere liye, ham hain jiye, honton ko siye (For your sake, I live with my lips sealed). Many speeches, hurtful words from lovers, songs, dialogues shall follow in the time of the world but one thing I believe is common for all of these is — there’s a sense of violence attached to love even though that would be the perfect irony of being in love. Breaking the moon, bringing down the heaven, defying the whole world, or even sealing one’s lips for his love…they all have if not much but an iota of violence. And if someone’s still pondering over this, well I must say that the world shall never be a better place to live in. Would it? They say if ever the world is gonna be free from all hatreds and killings and all, it’s gotta be love that shall consume all the hatreds. But me, with this random thought that’s flowing though my mind, not so optimistic..!  Again in movies, time and again we have seen that those who could beat up the goons are sure to impress the most beautiful girl. Mahatma Gandhi is so lucky to have gotten married at the age of 13 (I guess) else he, with his non violence thing, would be  considered a big bore..! The definition of romance has been mislead when these motion pictures and songs depict the eternal feeling to that level where forces and violence resemble the apt things to do in order to impress a girl. For instance, boy never goes for say  tree plantation, or say helping an elderly woman or hungry homeless kids, cleaning the environment etc..instead talks about stupid things like breaking the moon into pieces..! Should we blame the Film directors or song writers or dialogue persons..or just the girls..?! Just a thought..!


One Response to “Violent love – perfect oxymoron?!”

  1. sowmiya said

    sooooperb yaar………very nice liked it a lot……

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