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Speechless Love

Posted by Rojit on July 23, 2011

‘Twas not the moments, not the seconds

We joined in the little course of river

Leading us to the ocean of Friendship

Noises of triumphs play into our talks

And a joy of happiness unto our laughters

Thus, becoming a known stranger !


With flowing time, I then asked the wind,

The seven horses of God’s chariot,

To whence love and happiness reside..

But my quest was astonishing for Him

For I was already in the sense

I have known…since meeting you.


For every smile of yours that shines,

I see in you, the world of beauty

For every simple look of yours that tells tales,

I find my own life re-written

And for every breath of yours that makes me wonder

Wonder if eternity is all I’m missing without you.


I’m not a liar, not yet a poet; but an admirer

Who shall love you even when infinity ends

But never shall I ever convey you my feelings

For fear of risking our friendship,

For hatred of dwelling in jealousy world,

And for I’m in a speechless love..!

This poem (rather series of words and sentences) is dedicated to one of my best friends DHAN.


One Response to “Speechless Love”

  1. sowmiya said

    wat a feel ma…..ur girl vl sure b one of the most lucky one da….

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