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What’s in a name?

Posted by Rojit on June 16, 2011

When I grew up in a serene place where the face of infrastructural development wasn’t in the picture that much, I somehow missed the very idea of what my name actually means. Many a people name their kids’ names such that it has a beautiful meaning..a sanskrit word may be or something representing part of the nature. And today right now, in Fore School of Management IT lab, I’m pondering over what my name actually means. Of course I know why and how my name came into being. And I’m thankful to my parents for not naming me some long words like Madhuchandra or Devakishor or Sukumar or Superman(there is in fact a guy called Superman whom I know). My elder sister’s name is Roji and that’s a pure girl’s name. And when my parents had me, luckily, they thought of naming me such that it rhymes with my sister’s name. So, they simply put a “T” in my sister’s name and bang..there is my name – ROJIT. As simple as that. But never have I ever thought of what my name means literally may be in English or Manipuri or any other language…and I must say this search hasn’t stopped yet and yet the result seems so far far away. Google is the greatest tool and still, there isn’t any meaning for Rojit. You type the name Rojit and you’ll find meanings for Rohit. It sucks..! Someday if I ever happen to fall for a girl and happen to get married and happen to have a baby, I promise to myself, I’ll surely name her/him a name that has actually got a meaning..a Manipuri name preferably which isn’t long at all and easy to say. How many times in my own life do I have to say “Sir/Ma’m, it’s not Rohit, it’s Rojit..R- O – ‘J’ – I – T ” Apart from that I have no complain whatsoever.

Another funny fact is that when Someone writes my name as ‘I. Rojit’ (as I used to before 3rd standard because my sir name is Irom) then if you read it backwards, it will be pronounced as TIJORI. least that’s a hindi word!

And my sir name i.e., Irom is pronounced such that ‘I’ is pronounced as I in India and not I in Ice-cream. But somehow all through my engineering days, I’ve been called Rojit Aii-rom.


One Response to “What’s in a name?”

  1. sowmiya said

    even i dunno the meaning of Rojit….bt i kno abt Rojit….dont worry da…am happy i pronounced ur name the rite way…i called it as I-rom oly da….matchin ur characters with ur name hope dat wud mean a wonderful guy for whom am feelin lucky for as ur sis…may b der cant b a universal meanin of ur name bt ur loved ones may express u in many beautiful ways coz u deserve dat….not actually convincing u ….i mean it da 🙂

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