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Missing you Ma’m !

Posted by Rojit on June 7, 2011

There are days in a year we always wish them to come back asap and yet there are a few, we would never want to encounter. A day like today, some 5 years before, took one of the few important persons I’ve ever known in my life and for the first time in my life, I actually cried. She was our Class teacher in VIII standard. She taught us Mathematics along with being a great inspiration to a Bosconian like me. It was on this mournful day, she passed away while giving birth to a healthy young boy. And it’s not that I alone am feeling sad today remembering her. All my Bosconian mates certainly miss her and still wish if time could be turned back and if we could do anything..anything at all to save let her see how successful some of her students have become and still plenty on their way to success. I’m not the best student for her but certainly I must be the only one right now blogging about her even though there is minimal chance of this post being noticed by my family or school mates. And whatever I’m gonna jot down here today shouldn’t be taken in such a way that I alone miss her the most or I care her the most. It’s just that I have the worst reason to feel sorry for a day like today which saw a great loss for all the Bosconians from Don Bosco School, Imphal .

I have had plenty of good memories with our Ma’m. She was always happy to find my name in any Mathematics Competition. She would always smile at me the next day and that would tell everything – how proud and ecstatic she was. And the moment seemed to whisper at me that the smile on my best teacher was all I could dream of achieving at those days. The first time I ever knew about her was when I was in VII standard and she used to teach Maths in other section. Her voice was shrill and sharp and I always used to think like “this is totally crazy. Thank God she isn’t teaching us..!” We used to make fun of her in our group considering how short she was and a lady teaching Maths was certainly not in our menu of thoughts. But on the very first day of our VIII standard, she entered in our class as a class teacher and spoke to us a few words. The whole time was surreal for me and I just realized how a simple person could be disguised as an angel. She was a great person with a lot of character. It was hard on her side to maintain a bunch of Bosconians being a teacher at such a young age. But all that she delivered to us each day either through teaching or through her encouraging words, they became indelible imprints both on our hearts and mind. We shall never find a teacher like you, Ma’m.

Miss Dayabati (as we always call you), I’ve treasured beautiful memories of You and I believe with those, I could be a good successful human being as you always want us to be. Bless us. With a cheerful smile, YOU had painted our hearts and we are very proud to say YOU are still part of our lives. Always proud to be your students. Miss you Ma’m.

Lastly Miss, as always, in every year, it’s insane to ask of you this..but if possible please forgive my Dad.


One Response to “Missing you Ma’m !”

  1. sowmiya said

    wat a person r u da? u still remember ur mam so well n u wanna thank her even after so many years is it? even i ve admired teachers bt not havin the courtesy to write so much abt them….shows her words hav an impact on u….never thot u wud b so much carin n affectionate…hav seen u as a mischievous boy tryin to skip classes n chattin with frndz in canteen oly …dint expect so much centiments frm ur part…..proud 2 hav u as ma brother….never wanna miss my relationship with u……
    u r a unique one am sure da….

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