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Belief Vs God

Posted by Rojit on June 2, 2011

How often an atheist has to go along with theists? On 11th May, I just couldn’t believe I offered a cow’s milk to some temple just bcoz an astrologer saw some abnormalities in my kuthi i.e., kundali. And to shoo away any bad luck or marks in my fates, the astrologer told my mom to offer a ‘WHITE’ cow’s milk and other stuffs to a Brahmin. Of course anyone especially in this 21st century, will laugh at the way I went about doing this thing. But the important thing is the belief that we, humans have on such a superstition. And I’m still happy my mom has this belief to an extent I think I can tolerate. She is a doctor herself and understands the modern way of leading a life and yet such a small belief helps her to give some sorta solace to try understand and give confidences to deal with the unseen and unknown forces encompassing this world.

I went with my mom to a Brahmin in Soibam Leikai to offer all the ingredients to prepare kheer. And I had to go back twice to my home – first because my mom forgot the kuthi and second because it was the wrong kuthi that was brought. Was that a simple sign of saying something wrong was gonna happen. The next few days later gave the answer for this doubt. Overall for the puja, some sort of tests of endurances – first is to wake up damn early after going to bed around 3 am, second is to bathe in the early morning and last is repetitive task of going to and fro. The mantra which were sanskrit words spoken or rather murmured by the brahmin had lots of heavy word of which I could remember few of them like – shanti, om, namah, panchalayia, aakash etc etc. And while listening to the old Brahmin uttering these, I was like – is the God really listening to these craps?
Anyway, the important thing I enjoyed after this puja was the kheer made by the bramin. It was fantastic! How come the Brahmin always makes dishes or edible stuffs way better than we do.! Funny as I ponder over.
All in all, how far our culture shall get changed just because of the technology advancement the younger generation is having and the globalisation. How often an atheist has to put on a fake smile just because the persons whom he cares still believe in such a thing?


One Response to “Belief Vs God”

  1. sowmiyaa said

    hmm…y dont u try to b a bit religious Rojit? hmm…giv u a chance n c if u can hav a small faith somewher in ur heart….absolutely not an advice…bt definitely tryin a trick way to grab u someday into faith of god…v ll c if the same God….sorry sorry so named guy changes u or not…..

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