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Today’s feeling

Posted by Rojit on May 23, 2011

On this very day, every year for the last so many years, I have been entering into my diary, if not every day. And as I jot down a few lines of my thoughts, I would never notice myself to start crooning a few lines from a few favourite songs and a smile playing freely over me.

Today, I’m writing this post not thinking that the person for whom I intend to write about today, shall read this nor I’m acting someone who has been categorised as a person who still hasn’t learnt to let go of the past. I have tried dumping a lot of memories which my few best friends described as useless ones and I’ve patted myself for being able to delete many a memories but there are still I could never Shift + Del. And today, let me resurrect one of the special moments which I believed specially belongs to this person and sadly, she doesn’t know this at all.

It was one night during my freshman year in my engineering life and a few Manipuris that were in our college had a small get together. (Party is a misleading word and hence shall not be used in this context) So, everyone was sorta busy helping out making the dishes and stuffs and then my phone rang. And, upon listening to the phone ring, I was very excited because the ringtone that I put for this special friend was different from the rest and believe me, that ringtone, a monotone rather used to be my most special tone that would just enlighten me no matter what. I picked up the call and from the first ‘Hello’ that I heard, I knew for sure something wasn’t right. She had this slow and painful voice which tells anyone she must have cried. When asked what happened, I found out that she had lost her wallet. But that’s not why she was very much down. Her wallet contained her the-only-one photograph of her and her parents and sadly that picture didn’t have any back up or negatives to develop later. For some it might be funny to actually cry over losing a wallet that contains for old pictures, but she did and that’s how special she was in my eyes, a person who loves her parents the most and cares for such little things. It was already 9 past and she couldn’t come out of the hostel to ask for her wallet at the shop where she believed she lost it. She was helpless and as a friend, I knew at that moment that she wanted me to go and have a look. I was very far away from that shop and knowing that she didn’t ask me at al. That’s how she is! But who wouldn’t go search for this wallet and for a person like her? For a friend like her, I wasn’t doing any favour to her..I was simply making myself friend-worthy. And that way, I used to be happy with myself. The part where, after she put down the call –  I went to that shop walking (as no auto rickshaw would go), asking everyone nearby of the wallet ( by speaking broken Tamil and English), offering a sum of 200 bucks if anyone could produce the wallet ( coz the wallet contained some 100 bucks according to her), and making our get together late due to me – these parts were and are still unknown to her and I believe stuffs like this was one of the many I did making me, apart from anyone else, happy! Of course, I couldn’t find the wallet. I went the day after but the same result followed. This was one of those few moments I really wished if I could have a time machine. Then only finding her lost wallet could have been so easy. Funny as it gets. I really wish right now also if I have the time machine so that she could still be my best friend.

This is it.

Wishing her a life better than she would have ever dreamt of and may all her wishes be such that the Almighty doesn’t have a second thought granting them.

Happy Birthday, Turi !(as her mom calls her 🙂 )


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