Gambling with Life

Screw others, always be ready to place the bet !


Posted by Rojit on April 15, 2011

I touched your lips and felt eternity

In your eyes, I saw my life sailing

And in your laughters, I saw myself being the lucikiest

Then I smiled as the world became ours

For baby, you are all I need


I travelled the world enough

Crossed the mountains and the seas

Among the clouds to find a way

A way, to thank God

For I couldn’t spell my life without you


You appeared as a silhouette to a life I already had lost

Caressing my little fate, deaf to the sound of joy

With your black kohls and long curly tresses,

The tears have lost their way home

And this life had already decided to deify you


For every drop of tear that left you,

I promised to break the heaven into pieces

And with every piece that I had, I’ll then wipe your tear

Until you smiled..yet again!

But, now is the story of a happy You in a world without me.


The volcano erupted not as lavas

But as tears inside this heart

And they couldn’t even flow out

‘Coz the heat has now dried all of them up

Here I’m now, without my wings,fighting to walk yet again 


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