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What I feel today..!

Posted by Rojit on March 26, 2011

Every day, series of thoughts pass through everyone’s mind. Some go to retention cells, some just vamoose away, some get filtered to give rise to huge ideas and some become the root for destruction. I too have a series of thoughts starting midnight of 24th march, 2011. And let this post reflect this day’s experience with my day dreaming when I return from the future.

1. First thing I thought when 23rd march slowly passed its torch to 24th, was the very doubt of me passing my 3rd trimester exam which is to start on 25th. There I was lying in front of my laptop and trying to read a few slides but at the same time wondering why I was studying them.

It’s been so so many years since I have been going through this trauma of examinations. When would this ever end? I wondered. Felt like asking why I should study too hard to get high marks. I thought I should be more than satisfied with some marks which would allow me to sit for the placement. As simple as that..!

2. I took a small break, which actually turned out to be extra long watching 3 episodes of Two and a Half Men, unfinished ‘The Green Hornet’ part and ‘Unknown’. I thought how wonderful the life of a movie star must be. No study, but just working hard. And how I envy the life of Charlie Sheen in his Two and a Half Men series! A musician with lots and lots of girls with no regrets no commitments at all!

3. Towards the end of night, I was watching newly unloaded videos of June. Boy, she sings so well. I still remember the one Manipuri song she sang to me and I was like ‘wow!’ Since then, she has improved a lot. Now I have to pinch myself every time I listen to her voice. Anyone wondering how good she is, here’s the link June-Immortal. No strings attached but would have been extra nice if we were still the best of best friends! Poor me..:(

4. In the early morning, 11:30 am, when I woke up, ( ya ya it was still early for a guy like me) the first thing that stroke me was 2012. Will the inevitable come earlier than expected? 

It’s a request to all the geniuses working in NASA or anywhere. Please let me know now itself if the world is really gonna end in 2012. I have got lots of plans in the long term which is in plan A. If something wrong is gonna happen I want to move to plan B….u know just to make sure I squeeze enough from this thing called life.

5. Then after that my thoughts have all streamlined to just one factor till the end of the day – India Australia Cricket World Cup Quarter final match. I was glued to the TV…sorry internet the whole day. “~call me crazy but Ind Vs Aus, World Cup Quarter Final worth far more than End trimester exam. Screw the exams..! ” That was my facebook cum twitter update..! And at the end of the day India won in a nail biting finish. The semi final match Vs Pakistan shall be on 30th March and that means, I’m really gonna screw up my last exam papers on 31st. But who cares, it’s always worth it..! Jai Hind! 🙂


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