Gambling with Life

Screw others, always be ready to place the bet !

Same old story

Posted by Rojit on February 19, 2011

Once again realisation has pulled me down to that place where the sound of the universe is whispering me to fight for the ultimate change, and once again I have come out as a loser. Where is my life directed? Where should I ease this pain and smile like everyone with no regrets?

Time again and again, stories incited me to fight, the conscience believing in a rewarding fight someday and overtime all I can find are people whose hands I could never hold on to. There is always a belief that a one-time-life should never know to have a frowning face and if there ever be a guy called God, I know or sure He is gonna loathe me for all the stuffs I’m dealing with. This small life’s temperamental nature has gone past the boundaries that it has incarnated a world of people who have forgotten who they were. I wonder if I’m gonna tell this same old story after a year or two.

~”I haven’t yet finished dreaming of a world where I’m still running after Rainbows, believing someday I could touch them.”


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