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a place other than Heaven and Hell?

Posted by Rojit on October 7, 2010

How many sins have you committed in your life or how many eternal deeds have you done? Let’s assure ourselves for a minute that there is a place called Heaven and another place completely opposite to it, we call it HELL. And by definition,people who do crimes shall go to Hell and people who have all the time refrained themselves from bad stuffs shall go to heaven. But what if a guy who has committed a painful sin but rectified himself in such a way that his past would never believe in his present deeds. Where should he reach after his death? Heaven or Hell? Is there something, an instrument perhaps, to measure right at the moment before someone’s death as to how much sin or let’s say virtue, goodness, morality, righteousness he has done and accordingly he must be sent to the correct destination..!!! It’s something you will take years to contemplate and for an atheist a moment to give an answer to this question of mine..! Why is that people whole over the world long for a universal LOVE that shall unite us all and transform each and every being to a form where hatred shall cease to exist amongst us. It’s love that makes the world go round…..but it’s the other form of love – patriotism may be, may be intense love, that also become the result to take someone’s else life. When we see a small kid – 2-3 years old, we may say he/she may become a doctor, an engineer , a politician or a social worker perhaps, but we never ever discuss whether he/she might become a murderer or a terrorist. What I’m trying to imply is that every kid looks like the same. It’s all in the upbringings or environment where changes, often unexpected, can be witnessed and that’s where human have failed. “To err is human, to forgive is divine..!!” – they say this. It’s all in the mentality of human as to where another human stand considering his deeds….as to where he should go – heaven or hell..! There is never a place called Heaven or Hell and if there is, then there should be (as per my belief) another place in between them…! Because, love is there to take you to heaven and love is also there to let you down to hell. My final words conclude this from the famous Pink Floyd…” So….so you think you can tell… Heaven from Hell..!”


One Response to “a place other than Heaven and Hell?”

  1. James said

    Shouldnt we just call earth as a place between heaven and hell? The way I look at it its place that can be defined both under heaven and hell. This place turns to heaven or hell according to the lives we live not after our death. Nice point about the instrument by the way and I have been thinking something along that lines some time back. Also beautiful song by PF.

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