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cuddling a life

Posted by Rojit on February 22, 2009

The word miracle became an easy definition.

For a guy already dunked deep in a blurry ocean.

Meeting her was a portent to his life’s happiness.

Then, the twilight of her smile helped him ashore.



The world of his dreams was never seen in her eyes.

Neither his impeccable belief of being truthful.

For, love and truth were then correctly spelt with her name.

Inevitability at last caught him to imprison him with her love.



Everyday, he soared into skies filled with laughter and smiles.

Sometimes, heaven does house human on earth itself!!

Envy tinctured even God to see his happiness reaching its zenith.

And one day he woke up just to feel a world without her fragrance.


The flying hopes of a beautiful life with her had to crawl now.

Every inspiration, her memories crept in more into his veins.

And he breathes out wishing he could die with her.

Would he ever embrace that red-coloured emotion again?


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A day to remember

Posted by Rojit on February 5, 2009

Never thought I would wake up someday damn too early and look at the mirror and laugh at myself just because I was awaken from a dream where I almost became a Superman. The breakfast table was a sparkling one as ever and to disturb its tranquillity this housefly was making both ends meet to disturb me landing on every food with its grossly legs. Instead of being the actual Rojit who has this uncanny knack of killing houseflies with his adroit nature, I smiled at and told to myself, “What a little tiny creature… its girlfriend must be waiting somewhere for him..!”

I pinched myself and wondered when I began to be so compassionate for something completely unrelated. Never thought I would show my thumbs up when the crow (actually it’s an alarm clock for me) shitted on me the moment I stepped out of my room. I kept on pondering over the reason why that crow did that and the conclusion I could draw out was the simple surmise that it might be suffering from diarrhoea. Then, I quickly visited my past momentarily how much can’t-be-avoided situations I had to face with. Again a little smile started playing with music this time from the traffic.

The interview should have gone very good except that this time the antagonist wasn’t God but my little dreamy day that choked with the things happening to me that very day. To the first question, I actually stammered to tell my name. I went on like, “aa…aaan… my name is… aan… Rojit Irom.!” The HR people must have thought what a loser I was but they would never know that I almost completed a song (“She will be loved” by Maroon 5) with the HR lady sitting to the leftmost whose hair was coiffed so beauteous and the little curl of hair patting her cheek carelessly proved to be a reminiscence of ‘the girl’ for whom I had vowed unknowingly to change my life for the best. I was, of course, kicked out…!! 🙂

It was 11 pm when my pillow became so ‘horny’ that I couldn’t do anything but get to sleep. Before closing my eyes, my mind traversed 23 hours ago where I was standing on the terrace.

Never thought I would ever go up there where I thought it as the most haunted place in our locality and that too at that time…. just to talk to her.

What to do… It was her birthday..!!

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