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Down, yet not broken.

Posted by Rojit on January 29, 2009

It’s been ages since I haven’t been patted and the irony is the simple fact that I’ m now used to it. Expectations have now almost been ruled out of my dictionary and Hopes might be the next. Looking at the mirror every day of my life, I had failed to recognize myself growing older and to add to my failure list, is the God’s tenacity to create masterpieces of different types just to torture this small life of mine. Sometimes I wondered if happiness was being thrown into a vacuum to survive itself and I was at times asked to visit that place just to breathe in an ounce of joy. Life is a journey full of gargantuan rugged experiences and the people we met on the way, sometimes destined and sometimes by choice, would add colours to this small voyage. There comes certain point in life, where we would wish these colours, filled in by those special people, get slained in our heart indelibly. But when those special persons go away from our life, the colours transformed unto scars and the tears, that were too hard to run down, thus become the abode of endless pains and which could never be slaked even by the colossal time itself. To move on with the life has now become the toughest thing next to letting go of it.The only saviour was my heart and that too, under the unendurable fate, had been deformed time and again. I’m not asking someone to hear me rebutting my past neither give a solacement. All I’m wishing is a place where I could canal this melted heart through.

Across this labyrinthine life sihoutted by a series of misfortunes, I’m still groping on a tightrope for an answer to extirpate these stupendous doubts of being someone everyone knows to be temperamental.


One Response to “Down, yet not broken.”

  1. james said

    First of all let me say I like tag line ,”Emotion is a small thing.”
    This post is definitely true to the blog’One minute thinking’.
    Every person comes across these thoughts at some time or later. Although I may be tempted to say that people often compromise and learn to move on. But some people like me hang on with the words.”Do not forgive and do not forget.” and thats when a man’s thinking becomes destructible.
    Quite often people judge us by comparing with others.That trend of society’s vision wont change. But atleast we should learn not to judge ourselves from the standards set others.The sooner we leave this hypothesis the better.

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