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Colourful LOVE

Posted by Rojit on January 16, 2009

I’ve a friend, X

He loved this girl

This girl loved him and another one as well

Same went for my friend, X

So, I think… Love is Flirting.

I’ve this friend, A.

And another friend Miss C.

They both are the best lovers in my college.

C is very Fat and short.

So, I think… Love is really Blind.

I’ve this friend, Y

He admired this girl with huge eyes.

I think this girl also liked him.

But, they never expressed their feelings.

So, I think… Love is deaf and dumb.

I’ve this friend,Z

He has been dating this girl for 7 years.

Now, they hate each other.

Actually, they hate each other like hell.

So, I think… Love is the root of Hatred.

I’ve these friends Q & P.

Q had this crush for a girl in his locality.

P had also the same feeling for this girl.

Now, Q called this girl,”Bhabhi or sister-in-law”

So, I think … Love is a sacrifice.

I’ve this winsome friend S

This girl M loved him like crazy.

But, she neglected S’s best friend K’s proposal.

A few days back, S turned out to be a gay partner of K.

So, I realized…Love is a huge Triangle. (too complicated)

Lastly, I’ve this friend R.

Well, that’s me.

He loves this beautiful girl with long tresses and black kohls.

She also loves this guy.

So, I think…Love is also a dream…!! 🙂

Well, this is my first crazy poem for 2009. Let’s hope craziness is all I could prove in the days to come.


3 Responses to “Colourful LOVE”

  1. james said

    nice lucid poem..I don’t think its crazy at all..But one thing for sure when the dream becomes a reality it would be best damn thing

  2. Ronika said

    even I have experience these examples in one or other way…among my frens or family..these are very common…but we never noticed them…u r damn good rojit…keep it up!!

  3. ankita said

    that was kewl…!!!

    not crazy at all…

    very fascinating…:)

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