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Posted by Rojit on December 19, 2008

                   In our small life, we always desire for good things to happen all the time… good job…good life-partner…good transportation…good dreams as well. And we all know even though we tend to enjoy these good stuffs, but sometimes, bad things do come our way. Thing is, that ‘sometimes’ has made its way unto my life quite frequently…specially on 6th Dec, 2008 which is my convocation day of my engineering life. Needless to tell, how much this day means to me and many others who would be getting their degree. No matter from which college you passed out, a degree in hand is always worth a smile from many people known to us.


For me, all I know was that I had to get a prize on this very day. So, it was a huge day for me. Plus, big personalities from ISRO and the great lavishing gorgeous Sania Mirza were also attending the function. I wonder why they are giving a doctor of letter to miss tennis superstar… funny as it gets. As I had already gestured about bad things coming our way, well below here I’m listing the series of unfortunate incidents I encountered on my convocation day.


1. I started my day by sleeping off nicely. But, at 6 o’clock early in the morning, I think my bad times were already past the start of the race. Because for the past 2 months, I’ve been habituated to sleeping at around 3-4 am..!! And, getting up at 6 infused a lot of uneasiness into my mind and body as well.


2. After it, I felt the need to go to the loo and here again I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t deliver the heaviest stuff on planet. Dejected, I brushed my teeth and got fresh.


3. As time passed, I began to have more and more hunches that things weren’t going well. I had a breakfast… puri… it was. But, that was the costliest puri I’ve ever eaten in chennai especially to that area where I stayed for more than 2 years.


4. Then, we had to register ourselves for our convocation at our college which was a stone throw away distance. But, it turned out that we had to go to another college which was like 5 Kms away. I told to myself,’ this is shit..!’


5. Our registration was an easy one. Go to my Dept., check my name and register myself and take a lunch token. But, for me I waited exactly for 1 hr 10 min whatever the reason was. That was an absolute gross.


6. I went back to my friend’s place thinking of having lunch and getting dressed up but doing that cost me another hour or so due to heavy traffics. Having finished a quick shower, I thought of having lunch. But then, there were only onion rice n lemon rice available which I despised to death. So, I didn’t have my lunch thinking I could have it in the college with that Damn lunch token. I reached the college and by then lunch was over… Could you believe it? A college organising such a huge event got its lunch stock over before 2 30. The anna (anna is a Tamil word for brother) at the lunch site asked me to have some chips instead. I said to him smilingly, “Screw you anna..!”


7. Ok lunch wasn’t meant for me, I thought. I was simply sitting hungry and angry when suddenly a serene image of a perfect smile with curly tresses caught my attention. She was that Tamil girl whom I had this huge crush. Simultaneously, I saw my friend who was an early victim of her smile. I knew that my friend and I had never talked to her… so sad. I don’t know how or why I instilled so much courage to him that day to go and talk to her that he finally took up some guts and went straight to her and talk to her. He asked me to come with him and talk to her as well. I straight away rejected the offer. I didn’t feel anything that moment. But when he came after having chatted with her with a huge smile & a great sense of achievement, then I thought to myself, “What a loser I am..!”


8. The convocation ceremony was awaiting us. I went there and was happy thinking that it’s gonna be a great day. The thought acted like a quick shower in desert because I found out where my seat was. Thanks to the organisers, I was told to have a seat which was the leftmost corner of the whole stage. And it’s the only place where you can’t see the stage… nothing at all… who were sitting on the dice…who was the cute anchor…etc. I told too many shits to the college.


9. To add my misfortunes, the seat was under the scorching heat. Damn…

Also, I was sitting just in front of the loudspeaker… How great is that. From function start till end, I couldn’t listen to what was being said. I ain’t a handicap but tell you fellas, that day… I was blind cum deaf.


10. The function went on fine as everyone anticipated. All those chief guests came with their heads held high but Sania was missing. The organiser conveyed the message that she would be late for the function. I consoled myself but later found out she would be forever late for the function and we wouldn’t have a chance to see her… that hurt… sob sob. All our flying hopes had to crawl then.


11. About the girl I mentioned in #7, well it so happened that I had this chance to take a close up picture or video of her while receiving her degree. I was on cloud nine with this very thought and was waiting…waiting for that right moment when she would come on the stage and brighten the whole stage with her Colgate smile. So, I was taking video in succession of all my friends in her department. In doing so, I had to ‘pause’ the video sometimes and continue again so that I could capture the moments of the people I know plus my memory for my mobile was getting exhausted. After a few turns, she finally appeared. She walked like an angel and with a smile she received her degree and went down the stage. This small series of incidents took merely 10 seconds and I thought I had the shortest yet the nicest video ever. After the function, when I got back home I opened the video again only to realize I never pressed that damn Continue button while recording her. “Shit…shit…shit…,” I told to myself yet again.


12. Then the photo session started and everyone was busy posing for snaps with the I-have-finished-my-graduation-feelings. I came back home with one of my friends who was really high that night. I was walking with him when I saw one of my Telegu friends. I swear to God…no no…not God…aannn I swear to myself that I saw only him. So, out of fun, I called him that F-word to him…not once…not twice… may be 10 times I guess. He smiled at me (as usual) pointing his finger to someone elder than us and muttering something. I was wondering right at that moment why he wasn’t replying me back with that F-word. So, I continued badmouthing him with another 2-3 words when I realized that the elderly person with whom he was walking was actually his Dad. ‘Shit’ was what I told to myself and ‘Sorry’ to him and his dad. What a day I was having. I forgot to mention one thing. Aaannn…. actually I also showed the middle-finger-raised while cursing him…!! J


13. I returned to my friend’s place by bus. I couldn’t get a seat resulting in an hour long distance travel by standing only. I walked to my friend’s place from the bus stop for another half an hour because the usual short cut road was all flooded by seasonal rain. It all had to happen on this day.


14. On the way to my friend’s home, I was simply checking the pictures taken by my friends’ cameras and the serious thing that was missing was the simple fact that nobody took a picture of me while I was on stage receiving the degree. Everyone had one or two taken by their dear ones. I told to myself that it was simply crap. I only had a picture of myself just before going to stage and that too, a picture taken from BEHIND…!!(thanks to kunal)

You can see here…..



15. I and my friends had planned to have a small graduation day party. By the time I reached my friend’s house, they were already somewhere having their dinner… shit once again. I waited for another one and half hour to start the party. At the end of the party, it was 12o’clock midnight and I also realized I hadn’t have my dinner. I recalled one of the sayings in English…..It never rains, but it pours…!!!



That’s how my convocation day ended. It was a disaster which had already made an indelible imprint on this mind. But the very fact that I have now got nothing to do with my completely screwed up and damned college, is the reason for my smiles today.


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