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My lost world

Posted by Rojit on November 20, 2008

~~  ”  I felt hurt today… I bore it hoping it would go the day after. ” 

Exactly an year ago, I told this myself. There was every reason we could still be holding hands till today but a “but” from somewhere near God has always been the reason. There wasn’t a moment I regretted not being with you and that’s the reason why I’m so tired today. I still remember that day we went to the temple and being an agnostic guy, all I did was to pretend I was really concentrating on wishing something.. And as usual, my little act was not a convincing one and you caught me so easily. But, tell you..I did wish something that day even though I didn’t tell u. For the first time in my life, i wished something to God….” to let me love u more and to be with you forever .”   I didn’t know how strong my wish was, to see you today this way. An year has passed and even though the thin fate, that excluded u from my life, wanted me to forget everything about you yet, i’m still unable to do it. A few days back, I was happy that i could finally succeed to forget u for atleast a day when at the end of the day I found myself crooning your most loved song. In the next moment, i found myself fighting hard not to cry… Some day, I tried to make myself too busy to think of you when I found myself cooking your favourite dish… I’m simply tired… Can’t you come back for my sake? I miss you so much that I feel like  I’m going to die. Love wasn’t as easy as it came but with every difficult step we took, I found myself blessed being with you. You used to tell me that whenever I have a problem, I can always call your name. Now, i’m living with problems. So, if you could hear from above there, please answer… I’m calling your name… please…


And the last thing I remembered was my friend splashing water to me. When demanded why he did that to me, he said,” Dude, why the hell are you shouting that name that loud..!!? Screw you man. “



3 Responses to “My lost world”

  1. monzavenue said

    hahah.. that was a very rude way of waking you up,
    but at least he woke you up from a very senti tear-jerking dream.. by the way thanx sa comment. care 2 xchange lnx?

  2. james said

    Its nice to get lost in our own world isn’t it? esp. when it is built on love. I guess there are no boundaries to that and there is more than one minute thinking to that.
    Anyway we always feel the need of love when it has left us..

  3. sowmiyaa said

    am really moved Rojit….amazing…the oly worries is ur girl shudn’t miss these words…someway or the other she shud kno how much u love her…nice boy da u r….i havn’t been in luv since…havn’t even experienced a real crush for someone….bt now i feel dat wat if i wer in luv someday with someone….great feelin….everybody love rite…bt not all r successful anyway

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