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One night..!!

Posted by Rojit on September 9, 2008

On a cloudy night with no shadow anywhere, I was waiting for a little gust of air to move the tiniest leaf of the peepul tree, when a softly calling voice of her took my heart and soul to that surreal world of bliss where she chatted with me carelessly, touching my forehead endlessly with her fur like hands, lovingly holding my hands to be ready for witnessing the real tastes of life, vowing all the promises that can be made and the thorn less roses spreading their fragrances around us…but it was again the same….awaken this time by the last leaf, the biggest of all, falling right over my face indicating clear enough…a storm had already been taken place…!!


4 Responses to “One night..!!”

  1. devakishor said

    dude you should have done literature instead of engineering.. seriously.

  2. james said

    simply sublime! awesome portrayal of your imagination.
    Keep it up bro

  3. pinky said

    hey i lyk ur imagination n ur i feel d end part hs ended a bit abruptly..its ok if dats ur still i feel its contrasting wit d slow n soft words (softly calling voice,surreal world of blis,fur lyk hands) u wr using in d middle..

  4. sowmiyaa said

    Rojit better bcum an author da….u can convey even simple things with more beauty lying with it…if u say good stories this way…then dats it….Chetan bhagat’s oly competing fellow …yet not known to this world….

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