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hard stuff..!!

Posted by Rojit on July 15, 2008

Sometimes I woke up early in the morning trying to feel the morning breeze and thinking
of the good things that are gonna follow the day. I, with a light mind, was smiling at the
sun when a sudden image of you came from nowhere infront of me. Then, I realized
myself that I was missing one of the moments I spent with you. I miss you….

    At times, during the night times, I spent my time watching at the moon playing
with the black clouds. It was kinda fun experiencing yet another of nature’s hidden teasure.
Then the winds from nowhere joined the club animating the clouds to form the most beautiful
picture of you. I realized I was missing you…

                Time passes by and accordingly pain drains away. But, may be…. there is an exception
when pain knows only to grow. O God, I know you are helping me but I must have forgotten
already to tame this fallible heart.
       You came from nowhere but still never stopped torturing me every single day. I’m still
fighting against myself and a little of fate. Everything happens for the best. But, I can’t figure
it out what goodness has been brought to this one-time life since meeting an angel like
you — experience or ephemeral happeniss….I don’t know.!! What it has bestowed on me is
an indelible imprint on my mind and no matter how hard I try, I’ll still be thousands of steps behind forgetting you….!!

” If only I had known a bit of the future, I would have not loved her that much..!!”
” It was my fate to love her but more importantly it was my fault to love her that much that I’ve now begun to change my remainning fate….!!”


6 Responses to “hard stuff..!!”

  1. james said

    Beautiful phrases for your love but its never a fault to fall in love. The words pretty much rhymes along with how people who were unlucky in love felt including myself. I would love to see more of your writings about your love

  2. devakishor said

    I must say u havent changed much… Although the last sentence kinda shows that u wanna change or trying hard to… Lol…

  3. michael said

    time to move on buddy….lol!

  4. pinky said

    feels lyk some1 has gone thru a lot of soul searching n cam back heart wat i cn c is dat u r actually finding pleasure in dat pain also..u say u wanna forget her bt instead u r doing wat a typical ex lover still hungover usualluy does..remember everything abt her n tried to re live every blissful moment u
    spent wit hr..its 1 thing to miss some1 n another totaly different thing to b obsessed wit som1’s absence..wat u r doing is d hey i dnt agree wit d last phrase..u sudnt consider ur love s a part of ur fault..inconsequent of whethr ur love gets fulfilled or nt..evn if u cud hav change at dat tym or later,cupid’s arrow was going to stike u ne way..

  5. sowmiyaa said

    i dunno much abt ur love story bt cud unterstnd how true u ve been….i guess she is not urs anymore…Rojit y dont u think dat sum1 is waiting 4 u….the same feeling of urs can b prevailing in a gal’s mind also rite….y dont u find dat soon? not askin to bury ur thoughts n deeds bt just sayin dat dont let down any gal who really wishes to share her life with u….just move on…life is all abt unexpectations….

  6. Michael said

    …the heading and the first line combined ‘at first glance’ can be quite misleading!

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